Wednesday, 22 February 2017

First Law: Override @ DaffCon2017

Greetings friends!

So I saw something the other day which was like a blow of reality straight to the face, namely these posts on Facebook:

When you read these, what do you see?

Oh yeah, First Law: Override in both the Demo Pit, and a Sunday Tournament...

Well, that was something that I had totally put on the back burner...

I see it now, and I remember discussing all of this before, then the Moonstone KickStarter began, and pushing anything serious with First Law: Override suddenly became an afterthought until we were able to get Moonstone out the door.


But there it is, in black letter, on white writing...


This has reminded me in a metaphorically painful way that I still have existing commitments, I have pledged my name for Override, a game that I still believe has the potential to be an industry stable. It's theme and setting is both interesting and intriguing, while it's ruleset is engaging while simple.

Quite simply, it is a great game which reminds me just how great it is every time I play it!

So what does this mean friends? Is Lox-San abandoning one of you? If he going to turn his back on the loyal readers of New Fairbank News to devote all his time on Moonstone and thereby cancelling the world first First Law: Override Tournament to give Moonstone his all? If he dropping out of Goblin King Games to put all his drive into Override?

No. No to both of those damnit!


You see, dropping either game isn't a possibility for me. At Chez Lox we never say die (we're like Goonies in that way).

Instead I am reminded of the storyline to the Legacy of Kain video games. I flip a coin and on one side we have Override, on the other we have Moonstone...

...but what about the 3rd choice? What about the side of the coin?

It might seem hard, if not impossible, but could it be that we could actually wrangle the impossible?

Could I actually support both games?

If you are a backer to the Moonstone KickStarter, you will almost certainly have read the fortnightly updates, and if you hadn't guessed, these were all written by me, your friendly neighbourhood Dr Loxley. Likewise, you may have heard about a certain world map being devised. This is something that I've been lead on, because after all, my specialty is world building, taking abstract concepts and making them fit.

In other words, I'm in Moonstone up to my neck and I love it. The whimsical fantasy world of Tauber is my world filled with politics, intrigue, and trade, and I'm going to see it through to the end. But Override is also my baby, and I'm not about to let it end up still-borne.


So what is the plan?

Well dear reader, I'm glad you asked...

The plan is simple.

I need to research.

I need to find out if there is interest for the World's First, First Law: Override Tournament.

If there is, then it will be run. It will be run, and it will be run well!

As it is scheduled for a Sunday, this means that I can even poach additional players throughout the days prior! And at only 300Nt entry level, we are only talking about 3-4 models to take part! You can't go wrong with that!!

But can it be done at the same time as Moonstone? Well writing a story driven tournament pack will not be easy, especially as August is the planned Wave 1 delivery date for Moonstone, but I am confident it can be done. I can make sure it happens...

But if course if there isn't any interest in an Override Tournament, then of course, maybe it isn't even needed, and for that I need your feedback.

And so dear reader, I beseech you! Are you looking to attend DaffCon this year? If you are, do you want to take part in a tournament? What about a demo stand.

Without feedback, I will be unable to judge the right action to take!

If you are unsure either way, then I would request you head over to WargameVault and download our Open Beta rulebook. It's available there where you can download it for free in a full colour, searchable .pdf complete with full rules, and story fluff!

Until next time, stay safe, and be excellent to each other!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley