Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Other Side of a Coin - A First Law: Override Short Story

Sentience was a strange thing. It came in waves. Over a long enough time frame this could be seen in everything. Organic beings were created, they lived, and they died. Within this time frame ranging from a matter of hours to centuries these things had sentience. With the INICells this was also fact, but their sentience came in strange waves that for a matter of only minutes they became self aware of their environment and were able to make their own decisions based on the stimuli provided compared to the rest of their time when they fed their information to their mother-mind which crunched the data together and instructed each INICell with what their next action or reaction should be. This was the time for Servo-87210.

Servo-87210 stood in a large cube shaped room, it was white with blue ribbing that skirted the floor, ceiling and corners. Servo-87210 did not know what this meant, it recognised all of these as numbers and fragments.

Every INICell knew what it was; a singular component that made up the greater whole of the Independent Network Interface, they acted as vital structures and sections like the cells that made up a living creature, they were all as important and yet less significant as each other. This was why when the first prototype structure had been constructed it had been referenced as an INICell.

Servo-87210 knew all of this and more. It knew that it's primary function was to maintain the cleanliness of the third power conductor of the seventy third energy generator located on Luna Prime, the largest satellite that orbited the INI CPU of Sol III. It knew that it was connected to this CPU and knew everything it knew. It saw as if with it's own lenses, battles that raged in the depths of space, of weapons and transports, and of organic life forms that held conscious desires of hurting every last INICell because they were created with a CPU of hate, where as the INI CPU contained only love.

All of this Servo-87210 knew and had seen, but it was not it's own knowledge, instead it was knowledge gathered from a thousand other INICells who's purpose was much more important and yet much less significant than it's own.

Servo-87210 checked it's onboard chronometer, it was coming to an end of it's sentient time and would soon be allowed out of it's Aware Room and be allowed to return to it's prior determined function. It looked forward to that moment, to being reunited with the love of the INI CPU and the singular voice that all INICells belonged to.

Servo-87210 knew of other things as well; it knew that Sentient Time was a requirement in order for the INI CPU to grow and improve itself, that the knowledge and thoughts Servo-87210 would gain through it's time in the Aware Room would be transmitted back to the INI CPU where it would once again crunch the data and use it to further itself and the INICells along with it. They succeeded together or they failed together, the gained knowledge of one INICell was the knowledge of all.

There were some spots of data that Servo-87210 did not understand however, information relating to a species of organic nature that spawned and lived far from Servo-87210's own designation, a creature that like itself was just a cell of another consciousness that had awoken with the arrivals of the INI's progenitors from Sol III and with every day grew stronger. Servo-87210 knew this but it did not understand it. That did not matter. Soon the INICells would acquire the knowledge and understanding of this a-typical data.

It was with that warm belief that Servo-87210's time in the Aware Room ended and with a quiet happiness it returned to it's post as it continued it's maintenance of Luna Prime's seventy third energy generator's third power conductor.

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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