Thursday, 30 October 2014

Richi P Does #GeekShave for Prostate Cancer UK

Greetings friends!

Tomorrow is the 31st October; Halloween!

More importantly it is the last day of October!

From Saturday I will be doing something I've never done before and am quite excited over.

I am of course talking about my own version of Movember which I am calling #GeekShave!

So traditionally for Movember men of a variety of ages and backgrounds do their best attempts at growing the best moustaches that they are able, for me and many like me however growing a wide variety of facial hair styles is not an achievement.

Now for those proud beard wearers out there the opposite is quite true: being clean shaven or a variety of it is a greater achievement.

In my case I have had one of a variety of facial hair styles for the past twelve years to the extent many of my friends including my very own wife herself do not know what I look like completely clean shaven!

So where as others often shave their head for charity I am doing similar but with my chin, lips, cheeks and just general all over face.

No doubt by now you too are equally enthralled by this idea and you want to know how you can help out?

Well there's two easy ways;

1). You can donate via my justgiving page

2). You can do a #GeekShave yourself for Movember and help raise money for one of many worthwhile charitable groups.
- I picked Prostate Cancer UK for reasons I will not go into here, but there is absolutely no reason why you can not chose any charity of your choice!

So what do you say? Will you lend your support to a great cause and have some fun at the same time?

Throughout the month of Movember I will be running my weekly streams at and publishing these streams afterwards to my YouTube channel where I will be sure to show off what has been shaved off that week, or likewise you can join in and provide support for something that will actually feel quite emotional for me.

Let's not of course forget that to encourage the generous donations I have added stretch goals to my campaign!

Yup the more money I get in donations the more I will shave off!

If I raise between £0 - £49 I will shave my chin leaving me with a biker beard for a month
£50 - £99 Off come the cheeks, leaving me with a moustache and side burns
£100 - £199 Off come my beloved sideburns, leaving me with a Hulk Hogan
£200 upwards I will shave off everything!

But there's more: If I get a single donation of £100 or more, not only will I shave off my entire beard for you, but you get to choose what style I grow it back in. I will keep that style for the remainder of November.

So what do you say? Help me prove that not only are Geeks not all dirty neck beards, but some of us are willing to shave ours off for a good cause?

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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