Wednesday, 8 April 2015

#OVERRIDE v0.1.5 is released!

Greetings friends!

Like a wild beast trapped in a cage for far too long before being released into the world in order to reap carnage and bloodshed; this morning saw the latest version of OVERRIDE being released onto the Internet.

If you want to grab your copy of these rules you can do so here

No doubt you're going to want to know what we've seen change in this build?

Well where to start?!?

Possibly the most important is the introduction of Gangs/Sponsors/Organisations (need to settle on a name) and we currently have FOUR lined up for your use:

Three Humans including the Military Might of the UEF, the Scientific Research brains of the HMC and the pirating Raiders!

And One alien in the form of the Red Claw Kratel.

Every one of these groups play out differently but are all capable of performing well if you play well. They are also easy to create good combos with should you want to get tricksy!


Next up is melee!

This has been tweaked and adjusted in some major ways. For starters engagement now happens with every model within your melee range, however due to flank attacks and backstabs your facing becomes very important.

What is more is that shadowing, now known as Pursuit has been tweaked and makes melee a truly troubling experience if you are not gifted with the stats and/or abilities to easily get away from the enemy.


Weapons & Gear!
Yup! We have new equipment available to all such as explosive grenades and Plasma Rifles, along with exclusive weapons such as Heavy Plasmas, DigiComs and Gashwa blades!

Add to this the Kratel Unique armour and a hint at armour worn by the as yet unreleased Hydan and we have lots of possibilities for making your own Gangs truly unique to you and your play style.



Hacking has also been tweaked slightly, mainly in the form of the Hacker Duels. These changes streamline the process but also make the process of hacking itself a greater challenge and gives your hackers more of a defensive role in the right situation.


Special Units

Now every Gang has access to special units. What these are depends on the Gang. UEF and Red Claw both get combat vets who will take the fight to the enemy. HMC get their mining namesake as they can recruit miners to act as effective meat shields and he used as the disposable assets their employer sees them as. Lastly is the Raiders who take to the battle lines with their own answer to the combat veteran; reverse engineered AI mechs! These boys known affectionately by the Raiders as Big Bros are powerful and imposing however they are kept in line by their Raider Hackers (or Ghosts as they call themselves) take the Ghost away from the Big Bro and it's only a matter of time before the Big Bro reverts back to it's old AI programming and shows just how overridden it's First Law programming is.


This game is really shaping up nicely and moving forward we will be creating rules for the past 2 starter Gangs; The Hydan Wraiths and Unity of the Reborn. Along with this we'll see new weapons and equipment plus a re-write of the scenarios to bring them in-line with the rest of the rules.

So until next time; stay safe and be excellent to each other!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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