Tuesday, 28 July 2015

#OVERRIDE: Introducing Anchorage Falls

Greetings friends!

Today I would like to introduce you to a new location on Honos, the world that Override is set:

Anchorage Falls
Designation: City
Location: Northern Central Badlands

Located in the middle of the Badlands strip, nestled under a plateau of the southern Midlands region, the city of Anchorage Falls is a sight to behold for travellers the world over.

As a city itself Anchorage Falls does not provide much of note. It has a thriving industry in building the mining and research equipment utilised by the HMC but even this pales in comparison to the automated super-factories located in New Brasilia's industrial district. At night it's western sector comes alive selling all manner of goods and pleasantries to titulate a prospective buyer, but in turn this is nothing compared to even the most tame of market places held within the dust battered walls of Free Port. It's housing is mid-range in quality, however is only available to those who work within the city limits. Looking at the city from such a view it would appear at most unremarkable.

What Anchorage Falls has available to it however is it's water refineries.

From atop the Midland Plateau the Azure River descends in a waterfall rivalling Niagra in height and from which all water available within the Badlands is harvested and distributed accordingly. It is from this waterfall that the city received it's name.

As time has progressed Anchorage Fall's location has been realised as a site of great contention as every organisation and entrepreneur with the available capital has attempted to acquire the rights to the city for exclusive control of it's water and distribution to Free Port, the Block and the neighbouring towns, until recently none of these acquisitions were possible.

In the past year however the city's importance has been recognised by the Accord itself with the political powerhouse issuing a decree of ownership to ensure the fair distribution of water to all. At least within the city limits of Anchorage Falls. Once stock has left the city and reached the towers of the Block then whichever crime organisation currently controlling each sector is free to apply whatever levies they see fit.

Anchorage Falls is the only city on Honos which is under the direct control of the Accord, and as such with continuing escalation in tension between both the Accord and Reaver organisations, has become a regular site for trade negotiations and conflict resolution.


So that's the fluff, but what does Anchorage Falls offer players that none of the other cities do?

In short: a near modern setting. Anchorage Falls' architecture is a lot less glass and plastic, and instead it's buildings are more concrete and metal.

This is where your 28mm modern day terrain comes in, or even your 40k if it is more industrial and less 'scifi-gothic'. The city still has height available to it much like New Brasilia or even The Block, but where as New Brasilia is white and blue plastiglass spires and The Block is rusted and polluted industrial-hive, this is concrete tower blocks.
- Think the London skyline only without the dildo-shaped gherkin.

And that is Anchorage Falls.

From here on while we work on Book 1 we are unlikely to introduce any more cities, and instead (if deemed desirable) may introduce a notable town or settlement. But this should be it in terms of cities.

Saying that, we have plans for more than just 1 book, and with every book the storyline is due to progress. So who knows what else is to come? Maybe you'll see Free Port raised by the UEF or the Block turned to rubble by HMC D-Charges?

Until then; stay safe and be excellent to each other!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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