Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Another day with some general chit chat

Good Wednesday everyone!

So we're halfway through the week already! And my has it been a good week so far.

It's funny really, even the bad parts have been good.


Monday evening I did a bit more work on CRYPTS and completed the 3 Aspect cards for the starting 3 Aspects. They will be going out in this week's update, but I hope before then to complete the Beasty cards for Others.

I'm also thinking about duel weapons and if they should have an effect? My initial thoughts are that if you have 2 of the same type (and by type I mean 2 1handed melee or 2 1handed range) then whichever you decide to attack with you roll +1 d6 to hit. Not sure about that, will need to test it out.


We've also had a few issues at home what with the fireworks and my little one having a bad cold/cough. For the past couple of days she's been waking up in the late evening and needing attention and soothing to calm her back down, but then what do I expect by having neighbours who think it's ok to launch fireworks in a residential area where people have young children that need their sleep? It's just selfish twats being selfish twats and wasting their money on gunpowder rather than actually putting it where it matters (like bringing their family out of a lifestyle a-kin to a Jeremy Kyle contestant) but no matter, they'll keep doing what they do, and we'll keep reassuring our Mini Moo that she's safe and loved, and she'll give us that loving smile as we take her back to bed.


Yesterday I had the joy of winning an eBay auction for Sarah! It's a present that I hope she'll love for Christmas.

You see over the past few years I've been constantly upping and upping the grade on presents. It all started when I got her a Slanket (a blanket with sleeves) and ever since I've had to outdo the year previous.

The Slanket was beaten by a Onesie with inbuilt feet and hood with detachable mittens and last year that was beaten by among other things, a replacement ring for her old and damaged engagement ring along with a ThinkGeek charm bracelet and USB powered toasty hand warmers. This year is looking to be the best yet, but obviously I can't reveal why here (yet).


Anyway, things are looking good, my studies for my next exam are coming along and I hope to be ready for it in time on 30th November but until then, I still have a lot to go over, but not much time to do so, but still it's the last exam of this year, and assuming I pass it first time, in January/February I'll be sitting my final exam of the level. If that's all good, then that's AAT Level 2 done! Then it's on with level 3! :'(

Anywho, time to let you all get back to your own wonderful lives! Thanks for stopping by, take care, stay safe and I'll see you Cryptside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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