Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Weekend Catchup & CRYPTS Update

Good Tuesday everyone!

No idea why but for some reason I couldn't sign into my blog or twitter. How strange.
I sure hope nothing happened...

Anyway, I hope you all had a good weekend? Me, mine was good, great even! If not a little tiring (read VERY tiring).

It all started Friday evening when I resigned myself to completing the initial works on CRYPTS.

Wow what a task! But was worth every minute!

We now have 12 Beasties, 60 Loot Cards, 4 Bosses and 20 Encounters.

More so than anything, I am very pleased with the bosses, each one featuring a different style of mechanic.

How they are deployed in the game is really up to the Keeper (CRYPTS' version of a GM) but I prefer having 1 set aside to auto spawn in a room of your choice, and then if the BOSS card is flipped elsewhere in the encounter list, picking one at random from those left.

All that is left from the core set is to redo the loot cards to reflect the background change from MaliQuest to CRYPTS, and at a later point think of some more fun names. At the moment they're things like "Common Sword" and "Uncommon Shield".

Fancy helping out and sculpting this game into something we all want to play? Shoot me an email:

"What is next?" I hear you ask! Well the first Optional Expansion "CRYPTS:Trinity" is basically done and in need of testing along with the rest of the game, so no need to really worry about that.

No, what is next is my attempt at writing a proper rule book for the game, including of course Dr Loxley's Manual of Monsters, featuring both fluff and rules for both beasties and bosses!

What fun!!


Anyway, Saturday was fun, we did lots of cleaning and prepared for Sunday...

Sunday, the day I was kind if dreading, my little Moo's 2nd birthday!

Now I was dreading this for one reason alone: I hate entertaining. Absolutely loath it. But over all I think it went really well, and most importantly, Mini Moo had a great time, and let's be honest, even if everyone else has a horrid time, what matters is that she enjoys her birthday.

In the evening we got to wind down and finally relax, and that was spent eating left over party food and finishing the Story Missions from The Secret World.

-Awesome game by the way! Something I would love to do would be create a blog chronicling my adventures in that game up to this point and beyond, but there's no way I'll have the time to do that.


And there we have it!

Hope you all had a great weekend, and until next time; stay safe and I'll see you Cryptside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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