Tuesday, 20 January 2015

So I had a bad day...

Greetings friends!

Today I join you with a bit of a moan. I was intending on providing you with a general update on things including my newly built and based Infinity models and my recently re-done wall in my geek cave. Alas none of that is possible.

So on Wednesday I decided to purchase some resin basis for my newly arrived Infinity models. I agonised for newly 24 hours which to get as while I knew what I wanted, finding the right one was proving difficult. I wanted to try and craft my own as I've been doing with all my other models over the past couple of years, however I am unfamiliar with crafting for a 28mm flat base and have only done so for 30mm lipped bases. I wanted to practice on something else and until then would buy some nice resin ones that would give me the effect I wanted only better than I could do.

So I placed my order and was pleased to see shortly afterwards that it was marked as Complete but with no statement as to an ETA. Nevermind I thought to myself and left it for the day.

Come Thursday I noticed that my order was still reading as Complete, so thought I'd send the retailer a little tweet to see what that meant along with my order number so they could check directly. After a short wait I had a reply telling me that Complete meant that payment had been taken, the items picked and was awaiting dispatch, however it will not be changed to dispatched because there's a bug in their online website that stops it from happened; however it was due to be dispatched and should be delivered on Saturday or Monday at the latest.

Great! I thought, I have Monday and Tuesday off work, that will be perfect to do some modelling on Infinity.

Saturday rolled around; no delivery. Oh well, I thought, they did say to allow for Monday.

Monday rolled around, no delivery. I was a bit disappointed but thought 'never mind, I'm still off tomorrow I can just do it then'.

After that I took a trip to Watton-At-Stone for some dentistry, in particular having a rear tooth extracted. After what was only a out 3-5 minutes of work the dentist had removed the tooth and I was prepping to go home.

Woke up this morning with an ache in my jaw (makes sense) and an excitement for being able to base my models, plus I should have been able to eat what I wanted so planned to pop into town at lunch for a sandwich. At the same time I also planned to pop to the local B&Q where I would pick up two frames to house my collectors edition cinema posters from the Alien 20th Anniversary showing and the Aliens Special Edition original VHS release.

So I waited for the post, all the while necking a couple of ibuprofen to deal with the ache, which worked a treat and the. The post came and went. No delivery.

I was beginning to get annoyed now as it would mean the earliest my package would arrive now would be Wednesday a full week after ordering. If I had known I'd be waiting that long I probably would have gone to another retailer or just used eBay.

Anyway, I sent the store another tweet and awaited their reply. Meanwhile I popped into town, got myself some lunch and two frames for the posters.

Came home and had a reply waiting for me. The retailer was now saying that they were awaiting stock which should be arriving in 48 hours and I should be getting delivery by the weekend. We're talking a week and a half on delivery. I would be ok on the wait had I known, but I was told in a personalised message that the items had been picked and just awaited dispatch to be delivered on Saturday/Monday. In other words I had been provided with inaccurate information.

This annoyed me for obvious reasons, and if by this weekend I don't have delivery I will be asking for a refund.

Anywho, I told myself. No worries let's get to work on the picture frames.

So I opened the first, unbuckled it and insert the first picture, my Alien Directors cut poster when I realised that it wasn't straight. This was annoying to get it straight due to the fact I could only get frames bigger than the posters because of their irregular size. Anyway, there I was lifting the glass when under it's own weight the glass snapped on itself and down it went, shattered over my hand (thankfully only cutting a knuckle and even then not very deeply) and leaving me a frame down.

Oh well I told myself; I still have 1, and really I'm only doing this for my Aliens one anyway. So I opened that one and put in the picture. It went in perfectly straight, all I had to do is buckle the back onto the glass. I buckled it in and for a brief moment lost my balance, in doing so put my weight on the back of the frame CRACK!! A huge crack went right through the glass. That was two frames gone.

Well crap.

So I started clearing up, only to realise I had left the Aliens poster in the frame. So I opened it up again, there was glass everywhere and as I started to extract it the glass cut into the picture damaging it leaving me with the following damage:

Notice the slice from the right side into the centre and the tear from the bottom up complete with crumpling. This was an item of memorabilia that this morning was in perfect condition and had been since the late 80s/early 90s!

So I began a batch job using celotape. It's not ideal and when it's in a frame with hope it will not be all that noticeable, but it broke my heart.

I ended up sitting there eating my lunch with no bases, no picture frames, a cut knuckle, a damaged (to me priceless) poster, and an £18 price tag from the two frames.

Talk about a depressing number of days.

Anyway; with hope I can have something more upbeat to share with you all once I've stopped feeling sorry for myself.

Until then; stay safe.

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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