Monday, 8 June 2015

#OVERRIDE: An Update & 50k View Contest

Greetings friends!

So this morning I had the pleasure of checking out my blog stats (something I've been doing a lot of recently since announcing the #OVERRIDE Bounty Hunter contest) and was pleased to see my total page views had passed the 50,000 mark!

This in itself is a nice milestone for me, but more importantly it drew to a close my #OVERRIDE contest aimed at promoting the game and my blog.

We had a good number of people take part and helped to swell the volume of people interested but there could only be one winner...

...that winner was friend of the blog And Wiseman who via an exhaustive use of Facebook has helped promote these posts to audiences I could only have dreamed of reaching.

And has been contacted via email and I look forward to seeing just what he comes up with.

- For those tuning in late, the prize is being able to create a character in the game First Law: Override. The character will be a faction-less Bounty Hunter, able to be recruited by any gang of any Faction. Exactly what form this character will take I do not know, but I look forward to trying out.

It is my hope that while we are testing the Campaign rules, this Bounty Hunter will be the first named character to be 'released' allowing you the players to get a nice insight into the variety of skills and units available through our soon to be introduced system: Mercs!


Seems like a good place to drop this; so what are Mercs?

Mercs (the more I write that word, the less it looks like a real word) are our version of Special Characters.

Unlike normal units, a Merc has a unique stat profile and loadout that can never be adjusted. That's right, you can't hire a Sharpshooter Merc and decide you want to give them a shogun instead.

They also come with a set of skills which are also unchangeable and possibly unique to them in some cases. Likewise they are fully immune to the campaign progression rules. They can't suffer injuries or learn new stats/skills, they are also never actually members of your gang, they are only treated as gang members for the length of an individual game.

Almost all Mercs belong to a Faction; either the Accord or Reavers and should work with almost any Gang within that Faction providing it doesn't clash with any Animosity they may possess.

- Animosity is a skill held by Mercs that is set to a certain type (eg - Animosity: Humans) what this means is that the unit in question gains a set bonus when fighting that type, but they can not be recruited into a gang that is currently fielding any of that type. So a Reaver Merc with Animosity: Humans could work with Red Claw or Trydan but not Raiders.

The exception to these rules are the Bounty Hunter from this competition (subject to change).

I should point out however that Mercs come at a cost. They can not clash with existing rules (The Leader skill for example states that you can only field a single unit with the skill at a time. This means you can not hire a Leader Merc as well as your normal Leader Unit). Plus they cost more Notoriety than a normal unit of that type. So if you want to hire a sharp shooting Trydan sniper for your Red Claw gang, not a problem (Animosity aside) but it will eat up a chunk of your Available Nt Balance.

What this means is that it is possible (currently) to field an entire gang of Mercs, but you will be very low on models, and in those cases that gamble may pay off, or may blow up in your face.


In other news; I have begun my next short story, however am finding a few problems with it.

I need to do some revisions here and there but will probably not get part 1 out until after the end of the week. I'll try and get it out before then, but can't promise anything.


That's all for now! Expect the next build of Override to be hitting your devices soon!

Until then; stay safe and be excellent to each other!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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