Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Updates & Catchup - A Little Quiet Time

Greetings friends,

So the past week or so has been a little crazy. I've been sorting out the first video episode of Hobby Sofa https://youtu.be/IvI0HTjwYQQ been planning the demo Forces for DaffCon in April, finalising the beta copy of the First Law: Override book and sending it out for proof reading.

The feedback from the proof reading has been fantastic, misformats, missing info and errors have been found, suggestions made and I am preparing this week to make the corrections followed by writing the first draft of the new sections (a general overview of the world, a glossary, that sort of thing).

Next week I'll be sending it out again, hopefully with a new cover for final proof reading. If all goes well it is going to the printers and the first ever hard-copy demo book of First Law: Override will be produced!

Can you believe that? This time last year it was nothing more than a single double side of A4 with mirroring human units, now it's 100 pages of stories, fluff, characters and rules. It features two factions, 4 organisations and three races!


But if I could I'd rather not think about that right now. It's kind of making my brain ache and my chest flutter when the gravity of the situation truly dawns on me.

Instead I'd like to talk about the future of the game.

So we have a Book 2 in development. To date it is very loosey-goosey, but it has the bare bones of a book 2 that will provide you the players with something substantial and meaty to sink your teeth into.

So no doubt you are wondering what will feature in Book 2?

Well let me see what I can reveal...

For starters we have a story driven campaign. This will be a series of missions who when played in the designated order will tell the story of a city under siege from a terrifying menace. Of course you can play these missions out of order as just part of a regular campaign, but trust me - you'll want to play through this campaign.

Remember that terrifying menace I just referred to? Well it's big news, like world swallowing big! So I guess that means we're going to need some new Forces right? Damn right!

In order to hold the lines the Reavers bring to their front a secret force that the Raiders have been working on and protecting for quite a few years.

At the same time the Accord makes an unlikely ally by reaching out a branch of membership to the last group they ever expected.

- Both forces have either been hinted at, mentioned or had a counter part in the Core book (Book 1).

We're also going to need to move on the characters with this campaign, right?


Book 2's campaign will be designed to be played with experienced Forces. Time has passed on Honos, and with it time has had it's effect on the characters we already have (Mercs). Some will no doubt have new weapons and gear, perhaps even new skills. Maybe others have sustained injuries or even been killed? You'll have to see!

But we'll also need some new Mercs as well, which is where the 602 Bounty Store comes in. With the advent of Paul Homes, Redd, Claire 'Rook' Feilding and Charlie & Shogun you will have 4 new Mercs (Charlie & Shogun count as a single Merc recruitment). Each of these Mercs can be taken separately or you can field them as a 500Nt Force themselves.

And that brings us to the close of Book 2. So there we have it! A new Campaign, 2 new Forces, new Mercs and changes to existing Mercs.

With hope that will be more than enough meat for you all!

Now I should re-tune my brain and get back on the task of making sure the Core book is done in time!

Until next time; stay safe and be excellent to each other!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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