Thursday, 26 May 2016

Playing #Overwatch? My experiences: Day 2

Greetings friends!

So yesterday I shared my experiences about playing Overwatch on Day 1 of launch. As you may have read, it was not the most enjoyable of experiences.

Last night, as I promised I gave it another go. This time vs AI bots set to medium difficulty.
- The reason behind this was moral based. I was still feeling pretty defeated from the night before, and I knew that if I went back into full PvP and got my ass handed to me, then there was a chance of me nerd raging and never playing the game again.

The game was so easy! As the sniper woman I was holding off the entire team at once. I even got play of the game. But it felt too easy.

So I finished the game and loaded up a new one, this time on Hard Difficulty.

This game was harder, there was a clear challenge to play it, but I still held my own and we won the match still with relative ease. One thing I did notice, all the AI bots on the opposition had names that were tied to their characters such as "Soldier-47 2" or "Winston 1". All of those on my team had weird names like Wizziwig, and Bobnuts. This made me wonder, in VS AI mode, are the people on your team other players? I have no idea, and didn't want to ask at risk of sounding like a nub.

Anyway, following on from this, I then went online again.

By now I was level 5, and the matchups were still giving me level 11-18 opponents (and team mates) but the experience was a lot more positive. Not once did I get head-shotted without knowing where the attack came from, and my own kill ratio was a lot higher. Once, while playing Mercy I even managed to 'out snipe' a sniper lady.
- She was perched atop a building. She shot at a teammate, and I popped out from cover with pistol in hand and landed a few head shots on her taking her out of the action, before spinning on the spot and rezzing the team mate who had died. While it may not have 'officially' been one, that sure felt like a Play of the Game.

I still got gunned down a tonne. My team mates were still trying to Rambo around and provided me with no protection whatsoever, but things felt more balanced.

And I enjoyed myself.

The thing is, it is impossible for me to quantitively explain why or how this happened. There are just too many variables.

- Could it have been that the 'elite players' had all levelled past 20 and therefore in a different bracket to me?
- Could it have been that after playing for this time I have begun to remember how to play the classes and maps?
- Could it have been that I was just in a better frame of mind last night compared to launch?

These are just 3 possibilities which could have equally been the entire reasons, or partial, or not at all. It's impossible to tell.

One thing that I did figure out however. After a discussion with my friend Stuart yesterday, you do the D.VA Self-Destruct Catapult by using your jump jets, and then pressing your self destruct ultimate. This causes your mech to launch itself in the direction you were facing and then explode, while you the player are ejected back at where you began the jump, nicely safe from the mini nuke!

Seriously, I can not stress just how much Jun it was using this ability and watching the enemy team to scatter, while I fire volleys of pistol shots at them!

Anyway! That's it for today! Stay safe, and be excellent to each other!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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