Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Playing #Overwatch? My experiences: Night 1

Greetings friends!

So yesterday saw the official launch of Overwatch by Blizzard.

So I waited for my game to arrive from Amazon (Origins edition for ~£10 less than off battle net).

It arrived on time, I activated the keys included and started playing.

Now a bit of a disclaimer, I wasn't in the alpha, and I wasn't in the closed beta (I think I must have been the only one, as pretty much everyone I know was had access to that, even people who didn't want to play it), but I did get to play a few nights in the open beta).

I remember when playing the beta, the match maker was very good at putting me in line with people with around the same 'skill'.

This was done I believe based on your level where you start off at lvl1 and earn XP in each game to level and get unlock boxes.

Now levels don't really do anything. Unlock boxes are purely cosmetic, new skins, new emotes, no stats or abilities. But a lot of the maps in Overwatch are quite complicated, plus there are a LOT of characters to get to grips with. So the higher your level the more times you should have played each map, and the more experience you should have had with each character. Yes I played the open beta to level 10, but it's been nearly a month since that, I am out of practice and have forgotten almost everything.

So I start playing at level 1, and to my horror I find myself matched with a team of level 11+!


Here we have people who probably got level 10+ in the beta (if not a LOT higher) and in less than 24 hours have got another 11+ levels!

So I start off as Widdowwatcher or weaver or whatever her name is (the one with the sniper rifle). She was great fun to play in the beta, plus I enjoy being a sniper. My team is defending a spot, so it makes sense to defend it via sniping.

I poke my head out to take a shot and BAM dead. I watch a replay and it's the dude with the bow, somehow knowing exactly where I was going to be before I was going to be there.

Oh well, I respawn, run a different way, before I even get where I wanted to go BAM dead from a turret that I didn't even know was there.

Ok, well the team seems to be heavy on tanks, light on healers, so I bring out Mercy, a character I was REALLY good at playing in the beta, able to keep the entire team alive against overwhelming odds! Never got a play of the game mind.

So out I come, I'm catapulting myself out into the action to heal my team members, next thing I know I've been flanked by someone (can't remember who) and I'm getting shot up. In the time it takes for me to spin around and pull m my pistol, I'm already dead.


I mean seriously, wtf?!?

Game ends and it's a loss.

Repeat for about 6 games with different teams.

This isn't about then killing me so easily, because I know what is happening, the opposition know all the side roads and shortcuts, while I'm flouncing around in open space having no freaking clue where to go other than 'follow the team'.

But then you had the team themselves, comprised almost entirely of damage dealers, few tanks and other than me, no healers.

It was quite literally a horrible experience.

I'm going to try again tonight, and I hope my experiences will be more like those from the beta where I can actually get 1 shot off before being killed by someone I didn't even know was there.

- On the plus, it looks like the dude with the bow & arrows has had his ultimate reduced in size, so the insanely big (almost) auto kill dragon, is no longer such a problem.
- On the negative, how come everyone knows how to launch the mech? I have no idea how to do that!

Until next time, stay safe, and be excellent to each other!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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