Sunday, 7 October 2012

Holiday Planning

Good Sunday all!

So before I begin I would like to send a massive thank you to the Malifools of The Malifools Broadcasting Network. Now for those who know me, I listen to these guys as my pretty much exclusive podcast.

Now I knew that this week's episode had a discussion that was inspired by a blog post from last week, but never did I expect the great words these guys said about my blog.

So my thanks go out to you guys. Hearing that made me geek out!

*Insert Japanese school girl squeal here*

Anyway, excuse me while I regain my composure.

So this morning I awoke and had a wonderful realisation, the week after this (is that next week?) I have booked off from work. That's 5 whole days away from the office.

It's promising to be an interesting time, my work is scheduled to be covered by my assistant (a more than competent woman, who has been a fantastic addition to the team) and my wife has the week booked off as well.

So you're probably expecting me to have some trip somewhere planned? Maybe the three of us are jetting off to Isla Nublar or maybe hoping to get a ticket to the maiden voyage of the Event Horizon? Perhaps I've pooled all my funds and taking the family to see better worlds being built at Hadley's Hope or letting the Moo spend the week with the brilliant minds at Racoon City Daycare?

Well no!

Instead we're staying put!

After all, even if the Moo doesn't go to day care, we still have to pay for it, so from Tuesday to Friday, she is still going, and during those hours we're claiming some 'quiet' time.

Maybe we'll go to a restaurant, maybe we'll watch some films. I can't say, and I honestly don't care, what I do care is that we'll both be away from work being able to relax, in time to pick the Moo up in the evening and spend some quality time with her before her bed time.

Anyway, on that note I'm gonna have to call it. My bath water is cooling, the night is progressing and Pandaria calls!

Tomorrow; stay tuned for a weekend recap on my demo day at Leisure Games.

See you all breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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