Tuesday, 11 November 2014

First Law: Override - Some more technical info

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So following on from yesterday's post regarding the reboot of First Law: Override as a game focused on the world of Honos, I would like to now go into a little further detail about what is planned - what is making the transition from the old version into the new, and what is being left on the roadside.

So first things first: the obvious one - Space Travel.

This is gone, obviously. If we're focusing on a single world you don't need space travel.

What is left in it's place however is ground based vehicles.

So now; when you would previously receive a ship from your sponsor you instead get your grubby mitts on a ground vehicle.

What the vehicle is vastly depends on the Sponsor. Raiders will give you a dust buggy, low top speed but excellent handling. The Wraiths however will give you access to a Jet Bike with very high top speed but rubbish handling. As a hover based vehicle however it is not effected by 'difficult terrain' as others may be.

Currently the plan for vehicle control is split between traditional movement as you would see in games like 40k or utilising a modified version of the flight path system as was planned with space travel.

Personally I am leaning towards the latter but in all honesty I have no idea if it will capture the feel of ground vehicles as well as air based vehicles. To counter this my thoughts lie in using custom templates when needed.

I'm also going to dig up my GorkaMorka rule books and read up on how that handled vehicle movement as I remember it being very very good.

Next up is the different types of missions and story packs.

Something I was really looking forward to was what had the working title of 'The Derelict' story pack. Think of it as a combination of Alien: Isolation crossed with Dead Space.

The aim of the story pack was that you and your group had to investigate a drifting derelict ship in space in order to find out what happened onboard. As you progressed you would uncover clues which would unlock additional rewards from the sponsor, security systems would be set off, gas pipes would rupture flooding areas with toxic fumes and bulk heads would fracture exposing players to the vacuum of space.

And if players were particularly unfortunate they would be attacked by an alien or two!

Of course deep space is out, but this has been replaced by the Frozen North. So now with Derelict V2 we have the abandoned research station. If you've ever seen The Thing then you know what to expect. In this story pack dubbed 'Fear Frozen' you are sent to find out what happened in one of three abandoned research stations.

When Humanity began the terraformation of Honos they quickly detected unusual seismic activity below the surface of the Frozen North and dispatched research teams to investigate. Most of these teams continue their research to this day providing little data of use but hinting at something larger they are on the verge of discovering. The three most northern research sites went quiet recently however and so your party must brave the silent stations making sure the air filters and environment controls are working, avoiding faulty (explosive) equipment, gathering research, avoiding exposure to the freezing wind outside and doing whatever they can to stop their fate becoming the same as the previous inhabitants.

For those interested in street brawls there is the UEF who are looking for Peace Keepers involving facing off against street gangs in New Brasilia which promises to be packed full of lots of high impact combat and gun fights.

Then there's espionage! The Wraiths are always looking for Sponsor Agents who have the talents and prowess to sneak into enemy military and research bases and bring back Intel on what they are doing; or maybe perform a covert assassination attempt on the leader of said base?

Of course the game will be retaining the Story Progression System allowing for a huge number of play outs of these stories by mixing and matching outcomes based on different objectives; say you are running an espionage mission for the Wraiths - or maybe the Red Claw have hired you to spy on the Wraiths? Ultimately you will get greater rewards by staying covert and having the enemy not even realise you were there, but should that fail and you have to resort to brute force and killing everyone on site, you will still get rewarded for completing the objective.
- should you get captured however and the enemy made aware of your sponsor's involvement; then the sponsor will be less than happy with those results. Assuming that is you can escape the base alive at all. If not then the respawn fees will not be cheap!

These are just a few examples of the wide variety of story packs the game will 'ship' with. Each one offering a different experience and located within a selection of different places (with alternative locations available for terrain limitation reasons, so if for example you had a tonne of Infinity terrain but not much else, most missions will be available to be played within New Brasilia).

I'd appreciate any thoughts you may have, any questions/suggestions, please fire my way!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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