Saturday, 29 November 2014

New Game: Get 'Ard or Get Out!

Greetings friends!

So for the past few months I've been planning a new game: Get 'Ard or Get Out!

It is a combat racing game designed to promote competition, team work and most of all; fun.

Get 'Ard or Get Out (GAGO for short) is a mixture of XWing style manoeuvres, table top racing and Orc ferociousness. It is also a party game.

To play you need 2-6 players divided into 2-3 teams. At the start of the game every team is given some vehicle chassis, bluetac, and a bucket of bits and bobs ranging from modelling accessories (spikes, armour plating etc) to basic school decorating stuff (stickers, marker pens, foam and pom-poms and coloured card).

Once teams are formed each team is given a vehicle chassis each and 30 mins to decorate it as they see fit. This can take the form of spikes and war banners, or go the other way with bright colours and unicorn stickers. The aim is to act as a team building exorcise that results in a fun and hopefully silly looking vehicle.

Each vehicle has a crew of three Orcs: Driver, Gunner and Boss.

Each Orc Boss is dealt a special ability card at random that only the team who owns the Boss can see. More on this later.

The game then plays out on a figure 8 track (most likely on a 3'x3' board) and the aim of the game is to be the first team to complete 3 laps of the track (or be Last Orc Standing).

Movement is done using the Flight Path System; meaning each team decides per turn what move they are able to do. The available moves are Green (shortest distance with slightest turns) White (moderate distance with medium turns) and Red (furthest distance with sharpest turns).

Whenever you perform a Red move your engine is marked as stressed. This can be removed the next turn by performing a Green move, and will remain in place if you do a White move.

Should you choose however you can do another Red move, in doing so roll 1d6. On a roll of 1 the engine has overheated and for the remainder of the game you can only perform Green moves.

The game has collision detection as well as Heavy Guns mounted on the vehicles and your Boss can try and board nearby opponent vehicle vehicles to try and knock off or knock out crew members of the opposing vehicles.

Best of all are the secret Boss powers!

Like I said earlier, every Boss is given one of these at random and I'm secret at the start of the game. Maybe it's the ability to sacrifice himself to take out an opposing boss, or maybe he's a mechanic and (a limited number of times) a game able to remove the overheating status from your vehicle giving you free Red moves.

Either way, it will be super easy to learn so that even non-gamers can pick it up in 1 or 2 short turns, and hopes to be super fun!

Currently the plans are to feature this game as a simple 'throw-away' game at a small gaming weekend I am looking to host next year, but I've already received feedback from my Game Guru in ways this can be expanded using things like multiple vehicles for every team member; just imagine the mayhem that can be caused when two different vehicles belonging to the same team try to ram another off the track only to smash into each other!
- Of course there is also the possibility of introducing different types of vehicles. Currently it's just 'truck' types, but there's room for all sorts from the lightly armoured but faster bikes, to the much slower but heavily armoured tanks!!

On that note I will leave you for now!

See you track side!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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