Monday, 3 November 2014

The Beard Comes Off (Faster than I thought)

Greetings friends!

As of Saturday I began my #GeekShave and was already 2/5ths of the way towards my first goal thanks to a very generous starting donation, so first things first I clipped in a new razor head and lopped off my chin-beard.

This was such a surreal experience as this particular part of my face has not been exposed to the elements in twelve years!

One thing that was sweet was my daughter's reaction. For the entirety of her life I have had a full face beard, and here I was with a chunk of that missing.

To say she was upset was an understatement; I her own words she was scared of it, and when it came for me to put her down for her afternoon nap she wouldn't even look at me without crying!

Let's just say I was very grateful after her nap when I got her out of bed and she declared with a beefing smile "I'm not scared of your new beard anymore Daddy!"

After all this complete with photos taken I added them to my justgiving account as well as publicising on Twitter and facebook and very quickly some further donations came in!

It didn't take long before my first stretch goal was completed and I knew my biker beard would become a handlebar moustache complete with sideburns.

This was tackled Sunday morning but I had a plan on how to deal with it and not upset the Mini Moo:

After getting her out of bed but before breakfast I explained that I needed to shave more off because more people have donated and that I wanted her there when I did.

Now the Mini Moo has never seen me shave; largely because I do very little of it normally, so she was amazed watching the beard being removed. More importantly it meant that she saw it happening: there was no big scary reveal!

And so I spent Sunday with the handlebar and sideburns with £40 left until my second stretch goal was hit. I thought that this might happen sometime around the mid to end of the week. Currently the average donations from close friends and family has been around £15 a pop, so allowing for 1 a day that would be 3 days - and I thought this was me over estimating people's generosity.

Imagine my amazement then when today; on the way to work, I get off the tube, get signal on my phone and get a notification that my next goal has been hit!

That's right I have now passed £100 and so tonight will be removing my sideburns leaving me with a Hulk Hogan!

My plan is to get the Mini Moo involved again and I'll remove these burns either before or after I take her for her daily bath, that way again there will not be any surprise afterwards.

Once this is done I'll be posting on my account as well as my usual haunts.

From here there is just £90 (not including the money I am picking up in drips and drabs from work) until I hit my £200 target and go clean shaven for the remainder of November.

If you haven't done it yet you can contribute to this cause at where all donations go towards Prostate Cancer UK; a UK based charity focussed on the research, treatment and aftercare of Prostate Cancer, a lesser heard of cancer that effects 1 in 8 men!

Until next time, stay safe and to everyone who has given me support over the past week: thank you!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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