Monday, 10 August 2015

Introducing the Ghost Project

Greetings friends!

So for those who have been keeping their eyes open will have seen some small but important news tweets on the @FLOverride twitter account.

One of these things is something I would like to talk about now:

The Ghost Project.

For those who are curious the Ghost Project is our volunteer program that allows people to take part, promote the game and help with development.


If you are wondering about the game and are unfamiliar with the fluff; Ghosts were the original hackers on Earth during the AI war and were responsible for allowing the Human & Hydan survivors to escape to Honos. Since arriving however they have fallen out of favour with groups like the UEF and HMC and are now proud members of Col. Russell's Raiders.

As hacking is a vital part of First Law: Override, and the Ghosts are the quintessential hackers, naming the project after then seemed like the logical option.


So what can you do if you want to be a Ghost?

Well being a Ghost is all about promotion and assistance.

We need people spreading the word, from running demo games and organising campaigns, to writing articles to be hosted on the homepage

So what are you going to get from being a Ghost?

First and foremost you get to try out new rules in advance of the rest of the world.

As it currently stands new rules are released in batches, however before each batch is released we go through a lot of revisions. Anything major will often be featured on this blog regardless of if it makes it to final batch, but we're also talking about very small changes, like Nt cost adjustments etc.

You get to see all these internal batches!

What's more, you also get to try out Book 2 before it enters beta!

Yup we already have a slow burner going on Book 2 including mission ideas, new or adjusted mercs, new force ideas and while new play styles! As a Ghost you get access to all of this long before everyone else.

Depending on popularity you may also get some other good little bonuses to assist you with running demos and promotions.


So that's where we are, is this something you are interested in?

If so grab the new rules, give it a play decide what force or two you like and send off an application form to us!

Until then; stay safe and be excellent to each other!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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