Monday, 12 October 2015

Updates: Of Hobby & KickStarter

Greetings friends!

So my last hobby related post to you all was outlying my pledge to you all to get a load of stuff done in time for my friend Tom to visit in mid/late November.

Pledge #1 was to get my terrain painted and ready for game use. I set myself a very simple goal here, it was just to get it 'game ready' and not 'professional painter' standard.

Annoyingly I don't actually have any finished photos for you right now, all I have is what I took after a few days of work:

So the first stage was to finish washing the terrain, this was done I'm Monday leaving the works like this:

As a reminder this was metallic spray base with a 'rust wash' comprising of a brown emulsion mixed with water and washing-up liquid.

This stuff was wet, very wet by by Wednesday it had dried and was ready for stage 2: a wet-drybrush.

This is where my first picture came in. This was achieved with a big F-Off brush and a sample pot of emulsion. After dipping the brush and brushing off just enough so that it didn't 'coat' the brush, but wasn't dry, then a quick splish-splash-splosh over the terrain to cover the flat and raised areas but leaving the dents and creases with rusty metal.

The final stage took place on Friday but I'm am idiot and don't have a photo yet. This was an actual drybrush of a light grey using a traditional drybrush-brush, this brought out the highlights and provided a bit of relief from the flat grey emulsion.

I'll be getting a shot soon of what this looks like on my 2x2 may complete with my Holo Ad terrain by MAS.

So what's next?

Well tomorrow (Tuesday) I'll be getting my brushes dirty again as I work on my Red Claw Kratel (or Imfinity Morats to those who don't know) as I try to get them done. My intent is over Tuesday and Thursday to paint up their skin and hair as well as base coat their armour.

The skin will be a lovely shade of blue with a great red for the hair. I've used this combo in the past for Malifaux with my nephs, and it looks terrific.

The armour will be following my Reaver colour scheme of Red & Black, I'm using the same scheme for my Raiders and Trydan. You might be wondering why I would do this, but remember that at any point you can recruit mercenary units to fill in roles, so should I want to recruit a Human Merc into my Red Claw then I will have plenty in the same colour scheme.
- There will be differences of course. The Red Claw for example will have White shoulder pads complete with a suitable symbol for the Red Claw (watch as I try and free hand) and the Trydan will all have white helmets (Raiders, not sure yet, other than having a totally boss Big Bro).

Week 2 should be applying highlights to the Red Claw armour, so we'll see how that goes, as while I was working on my Raider Sniper it took one hell of a long time to get all of that looking nice.

We'll see how that goes and if I can finish my 2nd Pledge quite like I finished my first.

If nothing else I want that pledge finished before the end of the month, painting the other force and a half if less of a requirement, but that is a must.


On another note, it looks like this year I am not going to be backing anything on KickStarter.

So a couple of weeks ago I was backing 3 projects:

The Others: 7 Sins

The Icarus Project

Allison Road

Of these I pulled out of The Others due to moral reasons, and both of the others were cancelled due to failing to meet funding goals.

So while this is great for my wallet, I am feeling a little bit like a bad penny.

The truth of the matter of course is that it has nothing to do with me and everything to do with bad PR from both creators who unfortunately made a few pretty bad mistakes in regards to handling publicity.

The good news however is that neither creators are put off by this setback and promise to return in future with some good lessons learned and developments.

I honestly wish them all the best and hope to see more of their games in future.

And on that note; stay safe and be excellent to each other!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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