Tuesday, 30 April 2013

MaliQuest: Finally, progress!!

Good Tuesday everyone!

So last night I finally got my ass in gear with making the 100 card MaliQuest Deck.

This deck comes with a lot of changes, namely the removal of Cogs from Artifacts, the reduction of most +2 stats to +1 stat, and of course the introduction of multi-slot weapons.

Yeah, this was a long time coming, but it occurred to me, the Greatsword vs the Peacebringer Blade, one of them has a higher Dg profile and a longer reach, while the other, well the other is just inferior.

So then I realised, why would anyone want the PB Blade when they can have the Greatsword, for that reason certain weapons have had the following line added "equipping this weapon requires use if two slots". So you can have the stronger Greatsword if you want, but then you can't equip any other weapons without swapping out.

I have also changed the rules on Paired Weapons. Where as before you gained paired with the use of a Weapon Mod, now that mod is gone, instead you require two of that weapon to be equipped at the same time, so if you had two Peacebringers or two PB Blades equipped at the same time, then these items become paired.

What this means, while you are losing the functionality of having two weapons to choose from, the one weapon you are using is going to be better than the standard version - as Paired is a REALLY good ability.

For those curious, mods on paired weapons will NOT stack. So you can't put +1 Melee range on 2 PB Blades and gain +2 Range, instead you declare which weapon you're attacking with and then use that weapon's stats, just with paired.
- what this does mean, you can say mod 1 weapon for accuracy or range, and the other for damage, and then use whichever is the desired weapon for the time.

Ok that's about all from me today, other than letting you know we'll be recording Episode 07 tonight, it should be fun, sort of like "How to play MaliQuest - A beginner's Guide".
- we'll be covering the specific rules of MaliQuest but also the basics of Malifaux, so what's a Df Flip, a Moral duel, what's cheating fate, Soulstones etc.

And on that note, stay safe and I'll see you breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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