Wednesday, 10 April 2013

MaliQuest: None of this is set in stone

Good evening everyone!

Today's been interesting, I've had some interesting interactions and responses in regards to the last post I did this morning.

First I'd like to thank everyone for their comments, they are well received even if I don't necessarily agree with them.


So one of the most important is that I've decided that week commencing 21st when I have free time I'll be making another pass at the rules and cards. I'll be merging this with putting out the preset 100 card basic deck.

Doing this will allow me to update the rules to include the changes, remove cogs from Artifacts, and also delete or modify a lot of cards which frankly feel too powerful.

- I mentioned earlier about the Chestplate of +2 Df. I think this is a card that needs to make the limited 5card Epic list, it's too good not to be in there, but should the rare version also have +2, or perhaps would +1 be better? And what about the uncommon and common varieties? Yeah they're going.


Another issue that became obvious to me was that I am currently throwing too much bumph at the players, and it was @OldManMyke who pointed out that the party in Ep 03 was about 16 points worth of models, and I'm sending about 10-12 points worth at them.

The reason behind this isn't necessarily my fault I must admit. You see over the Christmas break my wife and I played a solo game of MaliQuest, and we found that because of the low starting stats it was very hard for her to hit anything with her spells, and do for this game I have been very careful over what they've faced, and in doing so have been so concerned about killing them, that I've stopped them from having anything that poses a real risk, something that becomes quite apparent in this week's game.

Well that's going to stop here, no more mr nice GM!

Something else that I think might be apparent: the base stats are just too high!

At the moment, only a couple of rooms into the very first game and our party is starting to develop stats that would make full blown masters quiver.

So how can that be fixed? Easy! Lower the stats.

I see two possibilities, either a). Alter the +3-1 rule. Make it +2-1, and make it that you can't effect your Wk/Cg or Ht. it b). Reduce some stats before you even reach then +3-1 rule. Maybe rather than having a stat of 4 for Wp, Df and Ca, instead it is 3.

All in all I'm not sure, I'll be testing all of this and will feedback what I find, but one thing I will say, this podcast is being invaluable for highlighting where the flaws are, and I'm looking to releasing v1.5 in the next couple of weeks.

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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