Monday, 7 October 2013

CRYPTS: Extract from Doctor Loxley's Manual of Monsters - Others

There is more to fear in the Dark Below than simple beasties.

There are bugs that crawl into your brain and take control of your body.

There are notorious vermin which will devour your body in minutes, bones and all.

There are even even creatures that will rip your very soul from your body, leaving the meat behind for whatever those more insidious may desire.

Then there is the Dark itself.

Some say that the very air of the Crypts are alive, that if you listen hard enough you can hear and feel the Dark Below breathing.

I know that as nonsense and superstition. The Dark Below is no more alive than my trusty revolver.

But that is not to say it does not have energy, magical and cruel energy that twists and warps those who reside in the Crypts for too long.

Some call them the Damned, others Lost and even the Wretched. I've come to know them collectively as 'Others'.

Some of the more common ones are the Wretched, hunters who have been turned to rott, undead shadows of their former selves.

On occasion you may glimpse a Lost, with bodies consumed by fire, and footsteps of thunder.

If you see the Damned, then may whatever deity you pray to watch over your soul. With minds as twisted as rabid dogs, and covered in wounds that would kill a normal man. I have seen these creatures slaughter whole posses by themselves.

Yes my friend, be wary of the Dark Below. It has it's ways of creeping up on you...

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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