Friday, 25 October 2013

The Doctor's Lounge - A Chat With Loxley

Hi there!

How's you?

Uh huh



Well it's good to hear you're doing ok!


I'm good. Had a lot to think about recently, to look back over the past few months and really think about where I stand and what I can bring to the table.

I think it's good to do this. To look at your history be it recent or ancient and re-assess things.

It's like someone somewhere once said: if you don't learn from history then you risk repeating it.

It's funny really, we're quickly coming up to the 2 year birthday of this blog and boy has it been one hell of a year.

... of course I am pretty sure that I have said that every year, but this one feels more hellish than any before.


In terms of hobby updates I have seen so much going on, but I don't wish to talk about that now.

I am still torn up inside over the issues of Shadows of Brimstone.

I have quietened the paranoid brain saying that they ripped my ideas I put online in podcasts and blog/forum posts but I can not shake the feeling that this other game is the one that will get all the credit, that if CRYPTS ever sees the light of day in one form or another, that it will be seen as a game trying to rip off Shadows of Brimstone.

Yes you all know the truth, that when I started this game there was very little in the way of non-fantasy Dungeon Crawlers, and Weird West games were few and far between. I thought I was on to a truly original idea.

I look back over the work I've put into it and the life I have breathed into New Fairbank, the schools of magic, the Sheriff and the Mayor, and of course the Dark Below and the beasties who dwell within.

I still love what has been created and I am really looking forward to creating the main book, with rules, fluff and Monster Manual all combined into one glorious tome.

I just really really hope that when the time comes other people look beyond the 'Weird West Dungeon Crawler' and see the depth of story within.

And so on that note, I leave you for the week. Stay safe, be excellent to each other, and I'll see you Cryptside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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