Sunday, 22 December 2013

Level One Complete! CRYPTS Playtesting

Good Sunday everyone!

As I sink into my weekly Sunday bath (that's the bath I have every Sunday, not the only bath I have a week, I'm not [quite] that gross). I am thinking about the editing job I have ahead of me for the latest episode of New Fairbank Radio.

You see we recorded the latest Episode on Wednesday and I have yet to get around to edit it. This is my fault and mine alone, but as it is the Christmas episode, I do kinda need to get it out before hand.

So I'll be doing the before mentioned editing tonight and in no time at all you will have the final fight of Level 1 ear worming its way for your attention.


In this weeks episode we had a lot of fun, namely with our very first boss fight!

I won't reveal quite yet who the fight is against, or even how it went, but once again it seems in the spirit of keeping things fair and even, I did in fact me them a -little- easy for the party, and as such some buffs for this boss have been made.

This if fine though, as after all, this is the point of testing and in doing so we are able to make the changes and improve the experience for all.


You see, I have found something very interesting recently, I've been following what a lot of other game developers have been saying, about how they go about designing something, about making sure certain boxes are ticked and then following an almost formulaic system for testing and how you adjust based on the results of that formula.

What I find interesting is how I am not using a formula like that at all, and the only box I am looking to tick when creating rules etc is "does (X) sound fun?"

Obviously I would never say that my method is right or wrong, it is just more chaotic, apparently random and not something that someone with a qualification I'm game design would really do (but then I am more than aware that in the real world qualifications means eff-all!)

One thing I will say however this method of testing, is working for me. You see I started out working on CRYPTS because I wanted to create a game that I wanted to play, and so far that is exactly what this game is, and whenever I play this game for the irregular testing I am putting it through, I look forward to each and every game, which I will be honest, is a rarity for me.


Anyway, as mentioned before, with hope the latest episode of NFR will be out later tonight, early tomorrow. So until next time, stay safe and I'll see you Cryptside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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