Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Beyond Freeport - A Non-Campaign Gang War

Greetings friends!

So currently my hobby time at home is being spent not on play testing but instead painting the very models I use as proxies for Gang War.
- I blame the truly awesome Nomad Geckos I got last week.

In the meantime allow me to introduce you to a side project which is due once the Gang War beta concludes:

Beyond Freeport
For those familiar with the First Law: Override lore, you will know that Freeport is the base of operations for the Raiders; a Reaver sponsor comprising of ex-military soldiers.

What you probably don't know is about is the Freeport Arena.

Established shortly after the Raiders settled Freeport, the Arena was originally designed as a training facility putting Raiders in real life style encounters while heavily reducing the actual risk of death thanks to the very expensive and limited Respawn technology pioneered by Nultec Industries.

The Arena itself is a modular site roughly the size of a city block and able to be arranged to create an almost unlimited series of locations due to it's various modules.

Surrounding the Area is a large technological net that monitors the electrical impulses of those within. This is done via dermal implants for organic life forms and special transmitter chips for synthetics. As soon as the tech-net detects the death of a chipped user they are teleported out of the Arena to a specialised onsite facility where they are either patched up or rebuilt on the molecular level.

What this means is that any Arena participants feel pain and know exactly what it means to reach the point of death, however while they are under the control of the Tech-Net and their transponder chips are fully functioning, they can not die.

This provides the spectators and benefactors with an unkillable supply of combatants who despite the lack of mortality will still participate in Arena Games realistically due to their desire to avoid pain and near-death.

Since it's success as a training module, the Raiders opened the Arena gates to any other Sponsor to participate in doing so creating more varied practice fights for the raiders themselves, and within a matter of months springing up an in demand sport around these events.


What does this mean for Gang War?

Well once the beta has concluded and skills, weapons & races have been ironed out, we will then see Beyond Freeport begin as its own beta.

Beyond Freeport, much like Gang War pits sponsored teams against each other, however unlike Gang War, Beyond Freeport will not feature a campaign system. Instead you will be hiring Veteran Sponsored Agents. These will range from the generic no-name grunts employed by UEF as soldiers to the invisibly cloaked sniper-elites of the Wraiths.

These Agents will feature as the complete package with skills and weapon/equipment load outs 'as-is'. Playing games in the Arena does not give them experience and additional skills, nor does being KO'd in the arena generate injuries. Instead each Veteran Agent comes in the form of a stat-card allowing for teams to be formed.


In a gameplay direction this allows for more rigid tournament-friendly games to be played. The rules will be identical to Gang War, it will only be the 'post game' campaign rules that will be missing. What this also means is that if you go to a venue and try and play a 200 Notoriety game vs another player, then you should be balanced in gameplay against them. In a campaign game this is never possible as a Gang is constantly in flux as they earn experience and suffer casualties.

- Essentially we are looking at the exact same game rules, only played a different way.

You might be wondering why this will be waiting until after the Gang War beta has concluded? Simple really; I can't concoct characters with different weapon, stat and skill combos without already establishing what those are, and that comes in during the Gang War beta phase.

So if you want to help this project move on just let me know!

Until next time; stay safe and be excellent to each other!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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