Monday, 23 February 2015

Gang War Missions pt2: Domination!

Greetings friends!

So despite the best of intentions we don't have a new rules pack following the weekend, but that's ok. Instead today I bring you the second of two new missions that should feature in the new rules pack when it does come out later on this week.


As with the last mission, this one too is heavily inspired by competitive FPS game modes and those familiar with Unreal Tournament will be very familiar with this game mode.

Essentially as are looking at a normal map laid out as the same as others we've had so far however this one has a single Domination point in the centre of the map. This point is the size of a 25mm base to match those used in the game. Only Units that fit on the Domination Point (or Dom Point) 100% are eligible to gain the rewards from doing so.

At the end of every turn, if one side has a unit completely covering the Dom Point and is not Engaged by an enemy unit in melee; that side is awarded 1 Point.

First side to (3?) points wins the game.

Note: to Activate a Dom Point allowing you to claim your point, it must be Hacked. Once a Unit is located within the Dom Point the Dom Point is considered to be Locked Open to that team and can only be unlocked by removing the Unit from its location on top of the Dom Point. In doing so the Dom Point reverts back to a Locked Closed state automatically requiring a new Hack to allow it to be activated again.

Dom Points do not need to be from sequential turns, so it can swap sides as many as required before one side receives the magic number and wins.

As an aside there will also be an alternative made available; Double Domination. This is the same as Domination, however it has TWO Dom Points, both located within the middle half of the board and the score requirement is upped to 5!

Therefore if you can nab both Dom Points and hold them, you are looking at 2 points a turn! So where as normal Domination is a scrap to grab the Dom Point and hold it as long as possible; Double Domination has similar debates as Data Capture in terms of how do you split your force, do you try and focus on grabbing and holding the nearest Dom Point, trenching your Gang in and trying to grab your points, or do you split up, try and grab both points but in doing so make both teams vulnerable?


And so ends the new missions. Yes this makes 3 new ones, but I don't really consider Double Dom as anything really separate, even though it will be on the mission table. This takes us to a total of 5. Once I have worked out how to compile Assault on Precinct 313 that will give us 6! Perfect for a single dice roll table!!

On that note; stay safe and be excellent to each other!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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