Thursday, 12 February 2015

Gang War: What's Next?

Greetings friends!

So for those following along at home you will know that we have already seen the first proper addon to Alpha Gang War. I am of course talking about Hackers, early skills and missions!

You can find the latest build (0.1.1) HERE

I'll give you all some time to read through what we have there.

All read up and up to speed?



So what's next? What should you expect in the following patches or content updates?

First up we have more missions!

I'm looking for as much input here as possible; most notably what sort of story themes are you after?

We've already got 2 Data-Hack Missions, the first being what is essentially a Hack-Off. The second is an attack vs defend mission but with a heavy focus of the long game.

One mission I am currently mulling over is an Assault on Precinct 13 style mission where the defenders have a defendable building in their half of the table which they deploy within and the attackers have to get inside and do 'something'.
- One option is an NPC assassination. Something like the classic data hack but it takes the form of a cybernetic enhanced Citizen that the defender gets to use, however it has no weapons and only light armour.
--Maybe, just maybe it could have a choice of win conditions. You can Hack the target for an auto-win, or you can kill him in which case you have to get the rest of your Gang into your deployment.


Following on from these missions we will also see Random Deployments being added!

That's right, once that build is go you will have a chance to use explosives, Auto Turrets, Exo Suits and AI Mechs!!

A lot of work is going into this right now, but when they're good to go they will be fun fun fun!

Following on we will hopefully have the next main build released in the form of the Kratel aliens!!
- Uh huh! No longer will you be limited to Human vs Human games, now it will be turned up a notch with UEF vs Red Claw. If I was ever going to feature a '2 Player Starter Box' then UEF vs Red Claw would be it, we're looking at the token Accord Agency against the token Reaver Agency! So in preparation dig out your brute non-Humans and get ready to start fighting for independence!
- Coming with the Red Claw will also be two new weapon mods in the form of Mag and Vol type weapons. You! The Mag Type weapon is the iconic UEF weapon and any Kn weapon can be upgraded to a Mag Type if you are playing UEF. Likewise the Kratel have access to the Vol type upgrade meaning that the weapons used are going to start having their own feel as well!

On that note; stay safe and be excellent to each other!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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