Monday, 9 February 2015

Gang War: Content Patch 0.1.1 - HACKERS!

Greetings friends!

Today I talk about what you will see in patch 0.1.1 for Gang War.

I am of course talking about Hackers.

If you have played any games of Gang War yet you will have probably found that the game is missing an X Factor, something to turn the game from a generic Shoot-Shoot, Bang-Bang game.

That X Factor is Hackers.


The Hacker is the lunch-pin of your Gang. They are the deciding factor between winning a game and loosing. They lock & unlock doors, they grab objectives, they bring back those incapacitated, they even knock out Digital Interface devices!

They are the mutts nuts at what they do, but beyond that they will get shot to hell if you allow them to.

In order to make it clear, a Hacker profile is much like that of a new recruit with a low Rg stat, even lower Ml stat, poor defence and only 3 wounds. If they get shot or punched they are going down fast.

They are unable to use 2-handed weapons or any armour beyond Light Armour.

What they do bring to the game is a Tm of 3, meaning 50% of Hacks will succeed compared to the usual Tm2 you get with Gang Members and Leaders. That stat may only be 1 digit difference, but when you are dealing with a d6, that 1 digit makes a big difference.

They also have the skill Hacker which is required in order to use Hack Decks!

- Hack Decks
A Hack Deck is a 2Handed piece of equipment that is vital to any Hacker. If your Hacker doesn't have a deck, then quite simply you are doing it wrong.

What Decks allow you to do is as follows:

Wireless Hack
- Every deck has a Hack Range meaning Hackers are able to Hack outside of the usual 1".

Hack Dice
- Decks have a different number of dice associated with them allowing for more successes in each Hack Attempt.

- Decks have a small number of Cartridge Slots. Within these slots a single Program can be slotted.

Examples of these programs are:

Roll 1successful Tm Roll. All items of equipment, armour, weapons etc with the DigI trait can not be used for the Units next Activation. Other Hackers may try to resist by rolling a single Tm roll on their Hack Dice. Range is determined by Deck's Hack Range.

- this represents what is basically an EMP being released from the Hack Deck knocking out everything with a Digital Interface including Digi Scopes, Cloaking Devices, Heavy Weapons, Heavy Armour, Mechs & Exo-Suits.

Jump Start
Complete a single Tm roll within Deck's Hack Range. Revive friendly Incapacitated Unit within Deck's Hack Range to 1Wd

This is the Hacker interfacing to the implants within each Gang Member and essentially jump starting it, much like how you would normally revive a friendly model, only it can be done at range and using more than 1d6 depending on the Deck in use.

As mentioned though, Decks have a number of Cartridge Slots. So if you have (for example) 1 Slot, but cartridges for both Black Out and Jump Start then only 1 can be equipped at a time, and swapping cartridges counts as an Interact Action.


Of course there are different types of Decks available:

The Eagle
Hack Range: 6"
Hack Dice: 1d6
Cartridge Slots: 1

The Jackhammer
Hack Range: 4"
Hack Dice: 2d6
Cartridge Slots: 1

The Bulldog
Hack Range: 4"
Hack Dice: 1d6
Cartridge Slots: 2

The standard Deck Used is the Jackhammer.

Anywho; on that note I'll leave you for now as I prep to actually write this up for inclusion with the game along with the first two Missions available (Data Dash and Firewall).

Until next time stay safe and be excellent to each other!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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