Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Gang War v0.1.3: What's new & upcoming?

Greetings friends!

So last night I updated the core pack of Gang War to v0.1.3.

With this update we saw a slight increase in points cost for the Kn Sniper Rifle. Now at this point you may be wondering why that is? After all initial testing has shown that the fear of the Sniper Rifle giving complete board control is not a reality?

That's right, and those fears were unfounded, and in rules the reason the Kn Sniper Rifle and Kn HMG were set at the same points was down to these weapons being the opposing sides of the same coins.

Both weapons put out around the same damage as eachother on paper, but one thing became apparent:
- The HMG requires you, the player, to move towards the enemy to become most damaging.
- The Sniper Rifle is made less powerful when the opposing player moves closer to you.

What this means is that the Sniper Rifle needs to be countered, but the HMG needs to be enhanced during a game. Pricing them both at 15Nt was either being too generous on the Sniper or too harsh on the HMG.

So I thought about it, I could reduce the HMG in cost, but in doing so I was taking it in line with the Assault Rifle in terms of costing, and the HMG is leaps and bounds ahead of the Assault Rifle. So instead I increased the Sniper Rifle up to 20Nt.

Do I think it's literally the best weapon available at the moment? No. It doesn't have the fluidity of an Assault Rifle or devastating output up close of a HMG or Shotgun (in fact good luck hitting anything up close with a sniper rifle) but instead it puts control in the players hands. It forces the opponent to have to react to it and I think that should come at a cost.


Next up was the Exo-Suit!

Currently quite happy with this, it seems at first look to be a strong & powerful form of equipment that turns the Unit into a walking tank.

It's weakness however is hacking and if you can hack it successfully then you can take control of the item.



New Missions are here!

The previous two turned out (after some minor tweaks) to be not only fun, but tense and cinematic. These three new additions; Domination, Data Capture & Double Domination with hope will be more frantic and action based but with big dilemmas on how Hackers are handled. They will be needed to achieve objectives but these objectives will be in the middle of fire-fights. How they play out? Only testing will tell!


What's next?

Well I intend with v0.1.4 to put out the 6th (and currently final) mission; Assault on Precinct 313.

So how many of you are familiar with Assault on Precinct 13? The John Carpenter original or more recent remake? This is the sort of thing I am hoping to recreate.

If you read my multi-part short story the other month you should all be familiar with The Block and the different regions. Precinct 313, the cop-shop just outside the rich 200s. It's high tech with good funding, but not prepared for a big fight, so when the bobbies arrest a notable Gang Member from the 600s they have little to prepare themselves for the onslaught that soon arrives at their front door, instead opting for hired security to whoever will take the job.

One side; the Defender starts off within the Precinct, including access to the Precinct's security system - imagine Hackers on turbo!

The security system can be interfaced as a Hack and once interfaced it has it's own set of Programs much like the cartridges used in Decks. The difference? They are all active, all the time!

Located around the Precinct are Security Nodes, let's say; 6 in total. Only one Node can be active at a time, but they have all manner of abilities from inbuilt Assault Rifles to Firewall Activations (make a Hackable Object immune to hacking for 1 Turn). Each Node also has it's own Blackout Program that can activated but doing so permanently disabled that Node.

Located within the Precinct behind a secure door is a PoI (Person of Interest). Once the Attacking Team reaches 1" with LoS of the PoI and performs an Interact Action they may then control the PoI and will win the game by getting the PoI off any table edge.
To make this easier, the Attackers have some extra bonuses, currently in the form of 2 Exo-Suits which start in their deployment zone.

Yup, these guys are bringing the heavy firepower on the Precinct and woe betide anyone who gets in their way.

- Defenders: this is where the Defending player comes in! With only the Precinct itself to help them , they need to withstand the Assault and keep the Attackers at bay for (10?) turns! The exact length is going to have to come out through testing. But the aim is to create a sweet spot where it could go either way.

If by the end of the (10th?) turn the PoI is still present on the board, then the Defenders win as the reinforcements turn up and secure the area.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Criticism?

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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