Tuesday, 17 March 2015

#GangWar The Roster & A Few Changes

Greetings friends!

So following on from yesterday's post I have a lot of changes after my weekend beta testing Gang War that I need to put down on paper (digital). I also have a few new additions including Link-Bots and 2 new Hacker Cartridges: Firewall & Interference.
-Firewall is to be used on an in-progress hack that reduces the hacker's Tm by 1 for their next Activation.
-Interference is just like Blackout (the EMP blast) but instead it only effects 1 Unit, so less of a Get Out of Jail ability, and more of an actual attack itself. Yup, is that HMG user in the Heavy Armour bearing down on you? Not with Interference in your Deck! One use of this.

But I also want to maybe throw in some other bits for Hackers.

Firstly there's resisting.
As we add more attacks in the form of Interference and Blackout it makes using items with a Digital Interface (Dig-I) more and more risky. Resisting allows you to try and resist a Hack attempt on you by rolling a single success on your Hack Dice. Remember unless you have a Deck, you only get 1 Hack Dice. If you succeed then you have resisted the Hack attempt and kept control of your gear.

There's also Hacker Duel.
This is something I've liked the sound of for a while. In short if you try to use a Cartridge Attack (Firewall, Interference, Blackout etc) within range of another Hacker's Deck, that Hacker may attempt to initiate a Hacker Duel. When a Duel begins the duelling hacker rolls their Hack Dice.
If they roll LOWER than the lowest dice the original Hacker rolled, then the attack is cancelled however the original Hacker becomes the subject of the attack.
If they roll EQUAL to the initial roll, then the attack is only cancelled, no one is effected by it.
If however they roll HIGHER than the initial roll, then the attack goes through as standard and the secondary Hacker is also effected by the attack and unable to resist.
- Ouch!


Following on from that, last night with the aid of my awesome wife @teh_tri I have been able to release the following Roster

What this is, is something very similar to the old style rosters we're all familiar with from Ye olde days of BloodBowl, Necromunda, GorkaMorka and Mordheim.

Not only can you record up to 8 Units + 1 Auxiliary Unit (Link-Bots for now, but allowing for more) but it allows you to track your equipment, your Wounds, your Gang Score and if you need to roll to retreat!

Obviously this isn't everything you need to play the game, but I think it is a step towards being an extremely valuable resource.

Ideally I would like to make something in the form of an App that does the same, but that's far future speak for me.

Note: Undoubtably you are going to want to use this spreadsheet on either a Smart Phone or Tablet. That is fine, and while I can't speak for Android users, those with the official MS Excel app for iOS will have full functionality. As I do not have an android device I am unable to confirm or deny how it works on that.
-Note: As long as you have a Microsoft email account (hotmail, outlook etc) then you should be able to get the MS Excel app for free!
Now you can't argue with that!


A reminder that the Bounty Hunter competition is still going; this is now the second post with the #GangWar preface. If you made use of all the entry options for both posts you would by now have 10 entries into the drawing!

On that note, time for me to sign off. So stay safe and be excellent to each other!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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