Thursday, 26 March 2015

#OVERRIDE: Threats & Thematics

Greetings friends!

So there's something I am hoping to share with you and that is the themes present in the game Override.

By now you are probably more than familiar with the Sponsor groups present on the world of Honos, but are you familiar with how they see each other?

I remember when I used to play White Wolf games they often used to have a table that they used to show how each group saw the other groups, and that's something I would like to try and tap into now.


United Earth Force (UEF)
UEF - We are the protectors. We keep the peace on a world that wants to tear itself apart.
HMC - The hired help. When they are not busy digging holes they are locking themselves away building new gadgets. Those gadgets are useful however.
Wraiths - Never trust a bone-head. Sneaky bastards, but also the best snipers on Honos. Second to a UEF Marksman of course!
Accord - Political fools. They think they control the Fringe, but it's our guns keeping the rebels at bay.
Red Claw - Blackmarket Terrorist scum.
Raiders - Traitor Terrorist scum.
Unity - Body-stealing Terrorist scum.
Reavers - So the Red Claw think they can give themselves a new name and try their hand at politics? I've got a 9mm that'll answer that problem.
The AI - We're not beaten yet. We will retake Earth!
The Pha'Nur - Bunch of bugs ate a dirt farm? Big whoop...

Honos Mining Corporation (HMC)
HMC - We are the creators, the inventors and the invigorators and our blank checks make Honos go around.
UEF - This is their rifle, there are many like it but this is theirs. Without them their rifle is nothing, without their rifle they are nothing... And we make the rifles.
Waiths - They have their own tech, but our boys are only days away from figuring it out.
Accord - You really think they can't be bought? Our pockets run deep.
Red Claw - Everyone has a use even these 'roaches.
Raiders - They keep the soldiers busy, more bullets fired. Someone has to manufacture those bullets.
Unity - Like the Indian surrounded by all the garbage. Utterly helpless in the modern world, no matter how much they sculpt & mod themselves.
The AI - We know... We're working on it!
The Pha'Nur - Someone's gotta deal with them bugs. We have the spray but the grunts don't wanna use it!

Wraiths - We are the watchers of darkness, the spear of light and the slayer of dragons.
UEF - Uncouth swine pretending to be civilised. Give them a stick and point them in the right direction.
HMC - The wealthy, successful brother to the UEF. If we ignore them, maybe they will go away.
Accord - Without Control there is Anarchy. Without Order there is Chaos.
Red Claw - Like filth-ridden monkeys hitting rocks. But even monkeys don't deserve slavery.
Raiders - Too much water under the bridge. Given enough time they will consume themselves.
Unity - They know not what they do. They play with the fabric of life and death like a toy.
Reavers - They were always welcome within the Accord, they just refused us.
The AI - A modern Prometheus.
The Pha'Nur - We are not prepared.

Red Claw
Red Claw - For too long we have been oppressed. Tonight we fight! Victory or Death!
Raiders - Like us, their own kind turned on them. They were like lost children but we have sculpted them into golems of war.
Unity - The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
Raiders - The Sword of Justice
UEF - They think they control Honos. They know not what it means to call yourself a true warrior.
HMC - Slaves themselves, they just do not see their masters.
Wraiths - Never again. Never forgive, never forget.
Accord - A snake coils in their buxom and with every passing day it grows on their own arrogance.
The AI - The wheel turns eternal.
The Pha'Nur - Wild animals in need of taming. They fit in well on Honos.

Raiders - We welcomed all with open palms. The actions of others forces us into fists.
Red Claw - They offered us sanctuary in our time of need. Misunderstood creatures of noble heritage.
Unity - My skin crawls just thinking about them.
Reavers - Everyone deserves to be treated equally and fairly. If that is reached at the end of a sword, so be it.
UEF - They call themselves civilised and us terrorists but they have yet to see what true terror is.
HMC - They build stuff. UEF use stuff. We steal stuff. I call that synergy.
Wraiths - If only we could get our hands on their tech.
Accord - Bullies playing at peacekeeping.
The AI - We exchanged one tyrant for another. The difference is that the new one has forgotten all about the old.
The Pha'Nur - It's our people in the Bad Lands they're killing, but no one bats an eye. Every day they grow in number but our own are too thinly spread as is to do anything about theirs.

Unity - We are the way. Soon you shall realise that we were right all along.
Red Claw - Obedient pets
Raiders - Their soft flesh is too weak to us. But truce treaties are strong.
Reavers - Necessary for what is to come.
UEF - They throw themselves willingly on our weapons and yet claim we are the insane ones?
HMC - Malleable
Wraiths - How short their memory is when they cast us away for their sins.
Accord - They are allied with our mislead brothers and sisters, but they will learn from their folly.
The AI - The speak to us from afar. They make us offers. We are tempted.
The Pha'Nur - Their voices cling to the remains of our spines and our nerves tell us what we feel is fear. They show us that there is another way, and perhaps we were wrong. We do not like doubt.

Until next time; stay safe and be excellent to each other!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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