Wednesday, 18 March 2015

#Override - Gang War gets a new name & edition

Greetings friends!

Notice anything different about today's post? Rather than using the previous #GangWar, I am now using #Override, short of course for First Law: Override.

What does this mean?
Well I'm short, the #GangWar hashtag is now replaced with #Override, meaning you now need to look out for that hashtag to claim your entries into the Bounty Hunter pot.

Secondly, the franchise has always been First Law: Override, but as Gang War grew legs of it's own I realised more and more that it was that game I wanted to push and promote. So here we are!

So now we are looking at the same game under an new heading which I personally believe is a more marketable title.


We also have a new edition of the game: V0.1.4

This version has lots of new stuff including initial rules for both Link-Bots and the 6th and final mission: Assault on Precinct 313.

There are also lots of rules changes following on from the weekend testing. Such changes are quite minor like the removal of elevation modifiers, instead allowing the cover mechanic to do the job for us. Other changes like melee engagement are more drastic involving an almost entire re-write, but producing a result that is simpler to understand and more organic in style and play.

I am still looking into Random a Deployment, which in short will be the final edition of v0.1 as following on from that will be v0.2 where I change the two initial test groups from Human Gang 1 and Human Gang 2, to UEF of the Accord and Raiders of the Reavers.
- Stat-wise we won't see much of a change, instead seeing that the weapons and gear (UEF [United Earth Force] having Pulse Rifles & HMGs, Raiders getting Scrambler tech Wet-Ware and The Blade, a Deck that allows you to reroll 1 Hack Dice).

Following on from that we will be welcoming in the Red Claw; a Reaver Sponsor Group who are less effective at range, better at melee and carry melee weapons that provide additional protection against ranged attacks!

Moving on with further editions we'll be seeing the Hydan for Accord, who are even better at shooting than Humans, but suffer from a weaker toughness. They make up for it however with Crystech Sniper Rifles that when used with an Aim allow you to re-roll 1 Attack Dice. That's great and all but they still suck at getting hit, especially when as a Sponsor they are forbidden from purchasing Heavy Armour off the bat. But they make up for that with specialised Light & Medium Armour.

Yup the Hydan's Light Armour comes complete with an inbuilt stealth-tech, quite simply to shoot at these guys while their Stealth is enabled gives a -1 Attack Dice modifier if the wearer moved and -2 if they stood still (sprinting and firing disables the tech) reactivating the stealth tech is an Interact Action, so when you shoot with these guys you'll become de-stealthed and need to wait until the following turn before re-stealthing.

Following on from these will be the HMC (Honos Mining Corp) who's Heavy Armour increases the user's Toughness by 1 and have access to Plasma HMGs which work on exploding 1s and diminishing 6s (any 1 you roll allows you to roll an additional dice, any 6 you roll cancels out a success). Plasma tech is unreliable and can create all sorts of reactions from super-heated discharge that kills anything on hit (rolling lots of 1s) to total jams (rolling lots of 6s).

Last but not least will see Unity for the Accord. Cyborgs have additional equipment available to them that no one else gets including Viral Melee weapons (1st point of damage reduces the target's Tm for 1 turn), Arachnoid Limbs to ignore difficult terrain & treat scalable as climb able, and Healing Injectors which allow them to heal themselves mid game. They also are the only Sponsor who can equip their Hackers with Heavy Armour, however every other unit is only able to use Light!

And this ends the projection on where we're going!

Once done we will be closing off the alpha and opening v0.3 which should begin the beta with campaign rules!

So yeah, lots of new stuff!
- oh and how can I forget: A new Roster complete with changes introduced in 0.1.4.

Until next time; stay safe and be excellent to each other!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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