Wednesday, 6 May 2015

#OVERRIDE More Updates & Open Model Sourcing

Greetings friends!

Today's post is largely a "we're not dead!" post.

Sadly after one very tiring weekend we had a little accident at Chez Loxley and now have to wait for an engineer to come and fix our phone line. Until then there is little to no real updates as no test playing.


One thing there is however; possible rule adjustments!

Are you familiar with the combat mechanics? Rolling to hit against your Range or Melee stat, then rolling your armour against your Defence stat?

We're currently looking to revitalise this with the removal of Defence and changing how Armour and the different units interact with attacking stats.

There's not much I can really go into detail at the moment, we're still looking to tweak these numbers and try out different combos, but one thing we should see is larger targets being hit more often, smaller targets being hit less often and the Red Claw being able to actually make an armour save every now and then!

Make no mistake, this is a big shake up of the rules that like with the introduction of pre-measuring (which by the way turned out to be a change most certainly for the better) is a small change with big ramifications.


You might be asking why I'm telling you this, what benefit does it bring?

Well I'm trying my best to keep the transparency of this project going. To date it has been very received very well, you guys and gals seem to like seeing how it is progressing, what changes we are looking at, how we are adding different units and gangs and I for one love being able to share it with you.

If it wasn't obvious; Override and the First Law Universe is a labour of love for me. Every part of the game; Rule Design, Fluff Writing, Model Selection and Game Playing is a pure pleasure, where as to date with most games there has been at least one aspect of that which has seemed like a chore.

I hope all of this comes across and as we look to release the latest build of the game I hope this comes across.


If I may I would also like to talk about Open Model Sourcing.

You all almost certainly know this as 'proxying', using one model to represent another.

Override doesn't have a miniature range, and unless it becomes more popular than I am able to envision, it never will (it just takes too much money and time to go down that route). Instead we use the Open Model Source system.

We ask players to look around, read the fluff and decide for themselves how they think something should look and to purchase their gangs accordingly.

A lot of the gangs are quite generic in their feel, so sourcing should never be too difficult:

UEF: Human Military
HMC: Hi-Tech Human Security
Wraiths: Hi-Tech Space Elves

Raiders: Human Militia
Red Claw: Brutal Melee Aliens with swords and glaives.
Trydan: Black Market Space Elves.

So from these you have a whole range of choices

Looking at these three examples, we have two from Infinity. The first as a Red Claw Leader, the second as a UEF HMG. The third is from MERCS and is perfect for a HMC Hacker.

These are just three choices that I happen to have on my phone at the time of writing, but there are so many fantastic models out there it would be crazy not to make use of them!

You might ask about base size and how important is that?

Honestly? It's not! We say that the game is 28mm scale for obvious reasons, and we advise that the base standard is 25mm due to that being the scifi standard on the market, but if you want to use a model that needs a 30mm, a 40mm or even a 60mm base, then there is no reason why you can not!
- Remember, Override uses the magic cylinder rule for Line of Sight, so if you can see a unit, that unit can see you too. Having a bigger base; while allowing you to engage more units in melee will make it harder for you to hide and use cover, plus it also becomes easier for enemy units to block your path and limit your use of pursuit.

But I'm making use of this myself, why at Salute this year I picked up a number of Infinity Morats to use as my Red Claw gang, namely the starter box

See that dude in the massive armour and big 2 handed cannon? He's my Heavy Armoured gang member carrying a HMG who's sole purpose is to wade down the centre of the table, attract attention and try and keep enemy units pinned down, but he is on a 40mm base! What that means is he will be limited in where he can go, creating more opportunities for enemy units to slip by and sneak into hidey holes to avoid my firey HMG death rain! On the other hand; HE LOOKS FREAKING COOL!! and let's be honest, what's more important?

And on that note; take care and be excellent to each other!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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