Friday, 29 May 2015

#OVERRIDE: Time for a little chat

Greetings friends!

So I was hoping to be sharing with you the new build of Override including within it new gangs (Wraiths & Trydan) as well as new armour rules.

So yeah; that's not happening right away - but for good reasons!

So earlier this week Tom my collaborator dropped a massive bombshell in the form of a revision behind the dice mechanics behind melee combat. Due to logistics and booking issues we've yet to test these new rules, but via theorycraft we are hoping that the revision will make melee not only more interactive and dynamic but also more realistic of actual real world melee combat. Once you add in the pursuit rules as well we hope that we will have one of the best forms of melee engagements on the market (not that Override is on the market, but you know what I mean).

I'm hoping we can trial out these rules in the next couple of weeks so the new build shouldn't be too far away, I promise!


In other news; you may have noticed that the Wetware short story has now concluded with Part 7. I'd love to hear what you all thought.
Did you like the portrayal of the new group the Trydan?
What about 'Mantic Space?
Favourite character?
What about the reverse? Any characters you didn't like?

At some point I would like to write another story, maybe one that focuses on the Red Claw as they haven't been touched on much in terms of written fluff, but that is going to have to wait - writing Wetware really took a lot out of me and my creative writing juices just are not flowing right now.


Last week I made an appearance on friend of the blog @docbungle's podcast Flock & Awe where I had a great chat with the guys there about Override.

Once it is out I'll be sure to post up a link here to it. I think it was pretty good, even if I did rabbit and talk around the subject a lot. When you hear it you'll see what I mean. It wasn't me trying to avoid any questions or subjects, more the excitement I have for the game causing though trails to flip-flop all over the place as I try my best to cover the important points.

I'm hoping once the new build is put out me (& hopefully Tom) will be able to appear on a few other 'casts as well.


You'll be interested in knowing that my own models are at an annoying stand-still. I've got all but 1 model from my 1000Nt Gang built & under coated, just need to wash and paint but it's finding the time to sit down and do so. I'll try and at least wash them over this weekend so next week I can show off how awesome these proxies are.

I really think keeping the model selection as Open Source is the right way to go. The way both Tom & I see it; Corvus Belli make the best Sci Fi models in the business, and it would just seem stupid to build our own (ultimately not as good) and demand people use inferior models when there are perfectly suitable proxies available that I am sure everyone would use anyway.


While on a totally unrelated subject, over the past couple of weeks, a lot of my free time has been spent playing Remember Me, a game by Capcom set in the near-ish future where memories have been digitised and treated very much as a currency (think Total Recall, only being able to sell off your own memories as well as buy new ones).

If anyone enjoyed the Wetware story I would super advise giving this game a try. Remember how the world is described when being linked to a deck and having a 'Mantic Overlay? That's pretty much how the game appears - of course I had no idea of this at the time of writing, so similarities are purely coincidental - seriously, I hadn't even heard of the game when I was writing about decks & Mantic overlays. It was because of the game's similarity that I picked it up on sale the other week.

Plus the game has an awesome (if not slightly predictable) storyline & ending.


Anyway; I should let you all get on with your daily lives. Remember to tune in to my Twitch channel later tonight for my weekly update on Razor's Edge as well as the next episode of Friday Night Horror (more Obscure - love that game!!)

Until next time; stay safe and be awesome to each other!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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