Tuesday, 26 May 2015

#OVERRIDE: Possible Open Day?

Greetings friends!

A couple of things with this post:

Firstly; I'm still alive! Yup I know my posts have been pretty sparse and far apart with only the occasional story post, but you can expect me to resume my regular posts pretty soon.
- You'll need to tune in to this week's Razor's Edge to see how and why.

Secondly; to let you know that the latest build of Override is being compiled and over the next day or two, you should see this put out in .pdf form. I have created a Wordpress site for Override, and I hope to put out this version with that.

Thirdly; so I've had an idea for the past week or so floating around my head and I'd like to put it out there for some feedback. I am talking about the Override Open Day!


So what is the Override Open Day?

Well the aim is to have a day where myself (hopefully with my collaborator Tom, but due to logistical reasons; probably just me) my terrain & models all junk up at a certain venue (ideally a shop so people can buy stuff if they want to) and give the game First Law: Override a try out.

Yes, essentially I'm talking about demos. Probably just one at a time if it is just me, however if others wanted to help out then we could possibly get more tables running.

The plan of this is simple: show people how great this game is!

You see, I've been talking now for months about the game and I know a good few of you have given the ruleset at least the once over, but as my collaborator can confirm; it's not until you actually get everything on the table, start seeing the fire lanes, the hackable objects, ExoSuits & Action Choices that the game really jumps out at you.
- Maybe the problem is me - maybe I'm not that great at selling it, maybe I don't know the right buzz words to use, or maybe I've just been going on about this game for so long it's just turned into white noise.

Whatever the reason I know that I need to get people seeing that it's not just hot air, but instead a well thought out, balanced, but most of all super fun game.
- Sure everyone says that about their games, but that's why I need to get models on boards and showing you all for yourselves how true these statements are.

Ok I'm getting side tracked!

So yeah; play games and then afterwards have a sit down with beer and bar food and talk things out!
- Maybe you have questions, maybe suggestions, who knows?

I'm not going to pretend that this game will be the next big thing. It won't (not because the game isn't good enough, but because I don't have the money or time required to make it that way), but it can be a great game that you all want to play: maybe once a week or fortnight and have a great time with your friends.

Remember: When v2 of Malifaux didn't 'click' with me, I floundered for ages looking for that one game to grab me like how Malifaux did. I tried many games and they all had good, if not great points behind them, but they didn't click. This game clicked! It clicked in a big way and now I play roughly every week via Vassal, even with Malifaux I never did that!

So what do you say? Fancy coming to the South East of England (probably London) and trying out the game Override with the game's creator(s)?


And on that note: until next time; stay safe and be excellent to each other!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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