Tuesday, 23 February 2016

An exciting time for First Law: Override!

Greetings friends!

Just providing you with an update on the First Law: Override book!

Yup we're on schedule to send to print THIS FRIDAY!!

That's right, by roughly this time next week (the printer gives a rough 2 working day turn-around) I should have the Pre-Release copies in hand!!

To say that this is exciting is a total under-representation of how I am feeling. More like balls-to-the-wall, terrified I think would be a better way of putting it.

This will be very good for me to get sent off as to date I have had a lot of very late nights as I try my hardest to get typos corrected, inconsistencies put right and of course making sure the whole thing makes sense!

Last night for example I wrote two whole new pages within the introductory beginning explaining who the different organisations from the UEF to the Ghosts are being sure to also include mention of the Bastion and the Kratel Imperial Regime. Sure the last two are not playable or viable locations, but they are referenced later on in the book, and I can't reference something without first explaining what the hell it is.

Hence the late (01:30) nights!

Tonight my plans are a lot more simple:

Finalise the front cover and back blurb. These things are necessary to make the book look as complete as in all honesty it is.

- Now you might be wondering, if I am saying it is complete, why then am I also calling this the Pre Release edition? The reasoning is simple. To date while we have internally tested the hell out of this game, that pales in comparison to the sheer volume of testing that happens via Joe Public and the insane combinations they can create. And so while the fundamentals of the game are sorted, the exact stat profiles, unit costings etc are far from it.

So once tonight is over, what will be left on the check list?

1). Printed T-Shirts.
Yup I've talked about this before. And I will be sorting these out next week once the book is sent off.

2). Painting the Demo forces.
If you remember I have roughly 8 models that I need to paint. This I know I can do in the remaining time scale, it's just a question of getting my head down and doing it.

3). Painting extras.
So the game uses certain extras such as Exo-Suits. I have models for these and want them painted. However I also have cut acrylic tokens from Counter Attack! So if the worst comes to it, I can use these instead. So this is going to the bottom of the pile.

4). Fixing terrain.
Yup, so a few things kind of fell through in the 'grand terrain' plan. So out of necessity we are going to have to utilise my plastic (painted) Deadzone terrain in combination with my full colour Infinity cardstock. This is fine, and actually I quite like the idea. It's terrain that most people are familiar with, and it shows off that you can use almost any sci-fi terrain for this game!

And that's it I think! Just booking return tickets to Wales and getting down and actually painting those damned models!

Anyway, that's all for now, and so until next time, stay safe and be excellent to each other!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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