Thursday, 18 February 2016

Updated State of Play - Another Update on stuff

Greetings friends!

So a couple of small updates here!

First up is about the Pre-Release copy of the Core Book!

Yeah, so it was supposed to be sent to the printer tomorrow for delivery next week (they are fast) but that's going to be pushed back to next Friday instead.

The reason for this delay is that my lovely wife @tehtri has offered her invaluable skills as an editor to go over the document and point out all of my fragmented sentences, poor grammar (using It's in the place of Its) missing continuity between timelines, and an entire segment missing explaining during the introduction section who the different organisations are.

Now this is a very long and in depth edit she is doing for me, to the extent she is spending roughly 1 hour on 1 page, we're looking at around 80 hours all over, which is going to take us dangerously close to our April deadline, but is also unfair on her. So instead I've said that she has until close of play on Wednesday to do what she wants. She can do as much or as little as she wants between then and now, and then I'll be taking that off her Wednesday night and using the time between then and Friday to make all outstanding changes (I'm already getting start on a lot of them now) and will be sending it off on Friday in whatever state it is in.

A reminder that this is again a Pre-Release copy. I am hoping that following on from DaffCon we'll have enough interest to get some play testers interested and I'll be setting up a play test forum (waiting for some interest first, as there is nothing more depressing than an empty and silent forum) and we'll be actioning the play test findings.

Once done assuming there is the interest, I'll be sending it off for professional editing, so all of this will come out in the wash. I just want to make sure that the demo copy appears as professional as possible. After all, we both know that I have no idea what I'm talking about, but I would prefer it if at least 1 person walks away from a demo thinking it is something they are interested in and that the two guys demoing games weren't totally clueless (such as not knowing the difference between it's and its).


I also left it that I was thinking about t shirts vs polo shirts. After some advice from a good friend I've settled on t-shirts.

While polo-shirts themselves are the better item of clothing, apparently they look pretty shit with a printed design and only really work with embroidery, on the other hand t-shirts don't look better or worse with a printed design. As setting up the costs for embroidery is a total bitch, I will be going with T-Shirts for printing.

And that's it for updates. Not much but quite crucial stuff. Where as before I was really excited for getting the Core Book in a hardcopy edition, now I am mega anxious, I know that everyone who walks over to our stand and stays for more than 30 seconds is probably going to flick through that book, that is potentially a lot of people looking over the product of months of work between me and Tom being scrutinised and judged. I know they say you need to take these things in your stride and shouldn't get caught up focusing on the overtly negative, but when something has been a labour of love like Override has been for me, it's hard not to take that stuff to heart.

Anyway, as always friends; stay safe and be excellent to each other!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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