Monday, 29 February 2016

Operation: Paint Spill - A Week Long Painting Pledge

Greetings friends!

So at the time of writing it is Monday at 17:30 and I'm on my commute home. Sat at home on my side table is all the models that I need to paint for DaffCon in the second weekend of April.

As it has stood there has been next to no movement in terms of painting these models, instead focus has been on getting the Override book finished and sent to the printer, which it now has as of last Thursday.

Now, I want to burn through these models and get them done with time to spare. For this reason I am proposing a painting pledge of my own. This isn't like my last one where I said I would get X models painted in Y time.

Instead the plan is much smaller and simpler:

Every evening this week from Monday to Thursday, that is 4 evenings. I'll be picking up my brush and painting at least one technique on at least one model. If I can do it en bulk like for example a dark blue shadow base on all the Wraiths, then I will do this.

Obviously I will try and do as many of these as possible, but with a requirement of at least one per evening.

The next day I will be posting a short update on how the night before went complete with photos showing progress.

Quite simply there will be zero room for quitting here. The only requirement is that I 'apply paint to model' every night from Monday to Thursday.

If I fail to do that, then you all have permission to beat me in a game of Punchies at DaffCon (after playing a demo of First Law of course).

The aim here is to push through my painting block and get as much done as possible. The current drought is unacceptable when I am only about 6 weeks away from the event itself.

Now for those familiar with my painting setup, this doesn't mean I'll be hanging around my hobby-sofa every evening. I can paint anywhere including my Geek Cave, just as long as I apply a minimum of 1 bit of paint against 1 model.

So yeah, tune in tomorrow to see what progress has been made.

Until then, stay safe and be excellent to each other!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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