Friday, 4 March 2016

Operation: Paint Spill - Day Four

Greetings friends!

So it's Friday, which means last night was Day 4 of my painting pledge. Let's take a look at where we are:

Ok now as you can see, these models have really come along.

The reds of the Raiders have only been mid-toned and are still awaiting some subtle highlights, the satchel and coat of the leaders has only been based and washed, same with skin and fine details are still to do, but overall I'm happy to declare these as painted to a 'table-top' standard. Which means every step from here just takes them up higher in standard which I'm happy with, as I will not be leaving them as.

I am currently awaiting some decal chemicals, as well as some fresh brown and white paint. Once these arrive I'll be applying finishing these models off and signing them off for DaffCon.
- Of course I still need to finish the bases, but all of this is on my cards for next week.

Anyway, that's it for Operation: Paint Spill. At just two hours a day for four days I think I've been able to really push the current state of my demo models. It really got me out of my painting funk.

One thing I will say; the model I am using as my Big Bro Mech, Scarface from Infinity. Such a great model! It really paints itself. While I would have loved an airbrush for this baby, and it really took up the majority of the paint time, I think it is an awesome model that I can't wait to finish it's detail.

Until next time, stay safe and be excellent to each other!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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