Thursday, 3 March 2016

Operation: Paint Spill - Day Three

Greetings friends!

So three days in, and how am I looking? Let me show you:

Ok, so now things are starting to look like they are coming along!

The both Reaver and Accord models are getting there, bulk colours are now applied complete with washes and recess mid-tones and highlights.

Tonight I will be applying mid-tones and highlights to Reaver Reds and Accord Whites as well as doing skins. I also still need to apply white glazes across the Hydan link-bot and hacker as well as addressing a couple of mistakes that occurred through the previous painting session - which is fine and normal.

What will this leave? After all tonight is the 4th and final night of my painting pledge!

Well there is weapon detail, plus I have yet to do any of the Wraith Assassin's Gemini Glaive. This should be straight forward much like the rest of the Wraith models - blue base with white mid-tones, but I will add a blue glaze to the blades themselves.

There is of course detail work, a satchel for the Raider leader and a jacket for the Wraith leader, mines and grenades for most of the models, and of course once the fluids arrive, the shoulder decal for the Big Bro complete with my attempts at worn paint.

The Big Bro is an interesting model in itself. Originally I was trying to go for a model that looked more like a product of an industrial age, but as time has passed this organically changed and now is looking more and more like something out of Gundam. I'm wondering if perhaps it's my love of the Sunrider story that pulled this out, as previously I've had zero interest in anything Gundam like.

Anyway, that's it for now. Expect another update tomorrow as I complete my pledge!

Until then, stay safe and be excellent to each other!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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