Thursday, 16 June 2016

A Moonstone Battle Report - Brightdale

The moon was high over Brightdale as the weary travellers returned from their long journey. None at Brightdale knew of where they had been, or why they had returned so late, but the sight of the Goblin invasion force on their quiet town was enough to rouse their spirits into action.

That, and the large amount of Moonstones which had grown all within easy reach of the travellers.

The Goblins were not happy, lead by the insane shaman, Shabbaroon, they advanced on the travellers. They had come to Brightdale seeking Moonstones, and Moonstones they were going to get.

The Human travellers were prepared for the invading Goblins, forming a wall to protect their stash, they bunkered down and braced themselves against the oncoming swarm of manic creatures.

The Goblins themselves were equally prepared, bringing with them none other than the deadly Firespitter, ready to spew forth it's deadly flame.

The Humans progressed, grabbing what easy to reach stones they could, but they held their positions.

The Goblins, driven by their thirst for Stones, grabbed what they could before pressing an advance on the town of Brightdale.

Gertrude the Faerie Hunter took point, and readied her Blunderbuss, anticipation for the coming fight building in her veins.

The Goblins advanced, with Rook pressing across open ground.

With a zip of magic, Rook transpositioned himself with none other than The Firespitter, while El Capitano, Crusty, and Seasick Steve joined the Goblin front, determined to bring cutlas to flesh.

The Humans held their ground, while Eric the Squire proceeded to assist Flintlock in loading his rifle, and taking shots at the advancing menace.

Flintlock's target was the menacing Firespitter, who was soon peppered with shots from Flintlock's trusty rifle.

Firespitter was finally in range of the Commonwealth travellers, and with mighty hands it raised it's cannon towards the towering Gutchgot.

Pressing the fire trigger, the fuel travelled through the pipes of Firespitter's device, before to a terrible surprise, a loud hiss was heard emanating from the barrel.

With an almighty explosion, the barrel of fuel burst, showing lit fuel in all directions and covering both Shabaroon and Crusty in it's liquid death.

Desperate to not let his fellow Goblins run in fear, the great El Capitano lurched forward to engage Gutchgot, knowing that if he could fell such an imposing enemy, the odds between both troupes would be evened.

BANG! Another rifle shot resounded on the Goblin's ears, and Shabbaroon fell to the floor, his insides spilling.

Gertrude moved forward, and raised her Blunderbuss against El Capitano, her shot echoing across all Brightdale. El Capitano, now mortally wounded, had little he could do to save his own life, but with a swipe of his cutlas sliced open Gutchgot's belly, bringing the mercenary to his knees.

In a vain attempt to even the odds, knowing that it was Moonstones they had come for, Crusty moved forward towards Flintlock and tried desperately to steal the rifle man's Moonstone. The Goblin failed, and with it's she'll intact, fled the scene.

As the first light of the day struck Brightdale, the Commonwealth raised their heads high. Their town had been invaded by the Goblin Dominion, but through grit, determination, and a lot of luck, they had held their own and won the day.

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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