Thursday, 23 June 2016

Rings of Blood & Nostalgia

Greetings friends!

I mentioned yesterday about a game called Ring of Blood. This was a bit of an off the cuff comment that I expect only one person to have understood.

So now, allow me to fill in for the rest of you what I was talking about.


Back in the day of me and my friends playing Games Workshop games, this would have been around 1999 to maybe 2000 at the latest, we had an idea for a game, something that was so silly it might have just worked.

This idea was an Arena style game called Ring of Blood.

The idea of the game was that you had a board, this board was divided up into spaces. Placed on this board you could place a single 'monstrous creature', so Trolls, Ogres, Ratogres (my personal favourite) and they would fight it out in an MMA style show-down.

Now, I am really struggling with how the game played out, but if I remember correctly, each player had a deck of cards. Each card had an 'Action' present on them, for example; punch, claw, move, grapple, bite, etc. Every turn you would draw some cards into a hand, and you could play one (or maybe two) cards.

The aim of the game was simple: deal enough damage to KO the opponent (there may have also been an option of knocking them out of the arena, I forget).

And that was it! At the end of the game you earned XP and could cash it in for upgrades in the form of equipment, stat buffs (say +1 to Claw Attacks) and if you were Demonic or Rat based, you could also get mutations.

I can not put into words how much fun this game was, or at the least, how much fun I remember it being.

At some point I would love to revisit this. Who knows, maybe that can be another project we'll see in the future for Goblin King Games...

Until next time, stay safe, and be excellent to each other!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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