Friday, 17 June 2016

A Moonstone Battle Report - Sunnyshire

Located on the coast, the Goblin Pirates of El Capitano's troupe regarded the Gnome settlement of Sunnyshire as an easy snatch and grab. They knew that Moonstones had sprouted overnight within the town limits, and before dawn, those Stones would be theirs.

The Pirates expected the town to be largely unprotected, and as such were heavily surprised to see that the Gnomes within had mobilised a militia against them.

The Gnomes moved first, snagging the Stones available to keep it out of the dirty mitts of the Goblins.

Meanwhile the Goblins pressed their own position, while on their far flank the Firespitter and Beaky Bobby attempted to out manoeuvre their foes.

Quickly it became apparent that the Gnomes had the upper hand, their position was better defended, and it was from their location that they were able to reach most of the Moonstones from a safe distance from the Goblin ranged weapons.

Attempting to even the odds, the Shaman, Shabbaroon darted forward, determined to bring the walking dread that was Firespitter to bear on the enemies, but he was far from fortunate. With a dance and a whirl he performed the rites that would summon his Goblin ally to his side. The wind blew, but no Goblin appeared. With a stomp of his feet the Goblib cursed in his tongue as the spirits of his ancestors let him down.

Shabbaroon didn't know what hit him, as he fell on his back gasping for breath, a thick crossbow bolt sticking out of his chest. From the other side of the town El Capitano gazed with anger, the bolt had been fired by the Gnome archer known as Quarrel.

Amidst the confusion, Billy the Gnome rode his Goat mount hard into the flanks of the Goblins, at such close proximity, Firespitter became unable to swing his flame thrower and bring it to bear on the Gnome militia member, who in turn with a fell swoop sliced the head of Beaky Bobby clean from his shoulders before spinning full circle and riding towards El Capitano to help finish off the troupe of Goblins.

As the Gnome known as Young Jack crept towards yet another Moonstone, it appeared that the Goblin Pirates were in too much of a disadvantage, there would be no chance of a comeback from this.

From behind a town building, the Goblin Seasick Steve stumbled forward, swinging his harpoon high above his head, he brought it plunging down on Young Jack. Injured but alive, Young Jack retaliated and with a parry and thrust silenced the drunk Goblin.

Both Young Jack and El Capitano eyed each other, they had both seen the Moonstone that pierced the ground between them, and both, with the aid of Billy, rushed to the stone.

Billy attacked El Capitano, his attack well planned and aimed, but El Capitano was no green gilled land-lubber, who partied the attack away with ease, and with a critical hit brought his cutlas down on Jack's neck seriously injuring the little Gnome and forcing him to drop his Moonstone.

In response Billy followed suit, his own sword slicing down towards the Goblin Captain.

El Capitano spun with a flash of steel, his cutlas parrying away the second attack and followed up with a strong thrust right into Billy who in turn was taken out of the fight.

In a single round, the tables had begun to turn, the strong defence of the Goblins was falling despite the Sage Advice of Gradock and Mamma Gimble's Mother's Love.

From atop the buildings, the first glimmers of light began to pierce the night, both sides knew they had only moments. The Gnomes needed to take down El Capitano, possibly with Quarrel putting a crossbow bolt through his chest, and the Goblins knew they had to grab what stones remained and flee for the safety of their ships.

At the absolute last moment, it was El Capitano who reacted first, grabbing the dropped Moonstones, he spun on his heels and fled for safety.

The end result was a single stone advantage win to the Goblin Dominion, thanks almost exclusively to the incredible performance of El Capitano!


Mamma Gimble
Young Jack

Beaky Bobby
El Capitano
Seasick Steve

I wanted to take a moment here to talk about some of the interesting points from this game:

Gnome Synergy.
Gnomes have an incredible synergy, one that seems to be more common with Goblins, but unlike Goblins who need to use their abilities, the Gnomes' are always on.

Abilities like Gradock's Sage Advice which prevents the opponent from replacing Called Bluffs is very, very, strong. It doesn't mean that he succeeds where he shouldn't, but on about 4 separate occasions it stopped me from applying a Catastrophe.

El Capitano.
This guy was the star of the show, but it wasn't because of the model himself, but more because of the meta-game involved in melee combat. Every time he was locked in combat, I was able to predict what Tom would play from his attacker, and not only totally mitigate that damage, but allow a high damage repost in return. It was for these reasons along that he was able to single handedly take out the Gnomes who died, and figuratively carry the Goblibs to a victory, which at the half way point, neither of us thought was possible.

Hope you enjoyed these little bat-reps, and until next time, stay safe and be excellent to each other.

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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