Tuesday, 4 June 2013

MaliQuest & Malifaux v2

Good Tuesday everyone!

This week on New Fairbank Radio we'll be preparing for the next level of the dungeon campaign, this means briefly discussing how we felt the Basic Deck worked, and which Aspects characters want to adopt moving forward.

More importantly, we'll also be looking at a lot of the Malifax v2 rules and seeing which ones we want to introduce into MaliQuest, if any, and which MaliQuest rules we want to modify.

1). Soulstone Cache: do we want to reduce the total down from 8 to 7?
2). Soulstone use: do we want to make it create positive flips rather than adding to?
- My current opinion is no, as being able to increase the player's potential Attack and Defence scores allows for a greater scale of Monster stats to be made available.
3). Soulstone Flips: Do we want to allow Soulstones to guarantee a Suit to be made available?
4). Casting: My initial plan is to take on the v2 use of casting and being an opposed duel rather than against a total set by the caster. Unlike v2 however I want to trial it without Target Numbers at all.
5). Resurrecting: How should this be changed? Currently the mechanic is very boring and feels like it's bolted on to the game mechanics (which technically it is). Currently my thoughts are rather than being an (all) or (2) Action, to resurrect a party member you need to spend a Soulstone and use (1) AP. this means players still have their (0) Action and a single (1) Action left.
- Plus, as the dead player is being summoned as Slow (-1AP, which usually results in the player having 1AP) it's as if the Resurrecting player is giving them one of their Actions. So you lose an AP, and the dead player gains one.

I'd be curious to hear any thoughts on these points prior to our recording tomorrow.

And on that note: stay safe and I'll see you breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley


  1. 1). Soulstone Cache: keep it at 8

    2). Soulstone use: again, keep it as it is

    3). Soulstone Flips: Do we want to allow Soulstones to guarantee a Suit to be made available? - possibly, as SS are an even more scarce resource in Maliquest I'd suggest this might be a good choice for a change

    4). Casting: V2 casting without the TN - great idea, I know we've spoken about this before and it makes a lot of sense.

    5). Resurrecting: How should this be changed? - it seems very easy to resurrect at the moment, what about something like the player being ressed has to make an uncheatable flip after the ss has been spent and they need a severe? Or something similar to that. The SS being applied is like smelling salts but it takes a variable amount of time for the player to "come round."

    1. Hi Jon, thanks for the comments.

      I've thought about having flips, and I think the best way to describe why I was put off was as follows: you have 1 stone left, you need to Rez another party member who has more Stones, and you flip a Black Joker. Essentially the entire game is now over. Not a fun experience in my eyes

    2. Hi Dr,

      I was meaning for the player being ressed to have to be the one who makes the flip. If they fail then they spend another round unconscious on the floor and have to flip either at the beginning of next turn or at their next activation.

      The player who is doing the resurrecting would only have to spend a ss and the requisite amount of ap, there would be no chance of the ressing failing. However it would be down to the player being ressed and their luck as to when they came back into consciousness.

    3. Oh!

      Yes I totally got the wrong end of the stick there.

      That's an interesting idea that I hadn't even thought of before! Will have to give it serious thought.

  2. I should probably also make it clear. Eventually everything will go separate, and we'll have our own working game system, but for the time being I'm running off the Malifaux framework because its where this started.

    Eventually I'll need to make the jump to the new combat rule set (I'm still leaning towards a dice based quick & clean system) and when that happens everything will be thrown in the air, but until then I'm just going to have fun