Sunday, 23 June 2013

When one chapter ends...

...another begins!

Good Sunday everyone!

Yesterday was my final ever 'official' Henchman Malifaux day.

Once it had concluded I sent my post event confirmation over to Wyrd along with a resignation notice.

Yup I am no longer a Wyrd Henchman!

But that is not what I want to focus on today, no that is just too negative, and lately a lot of my posts have been focusing on negative factors.

No today I want to talk to you about the new chapter in my life that I am starting on:

For those who are in the know, this is the working title for the independent copy of MaliQuest.

Gone are the card mechanics, the Punk Zombies and the Peacebringers, and say hello to a new system that is faster and better designed for the torrent of monsters that you the player will face!

Currently a lot of this game is in super-alpha-alpha status, we have basic ideas, beasties are split into three categories: Lesser, Regular and Greater, and weapons are still using the old imagery etc, but for the time being while I work on this I am going to have to ask you tone patient with me.

You see, as we work on the transition from MaliQuest to Crypts, things are going to by flying left to right, up to down and inside and out, and a lot of the time it will not be featured on the blog, but I will do what I can to keep you informed, and first I can so that by providing you with an oversight of the narrative of this game:

New Fairbank Productions is proud to present:

Crypts: The Backstory

Enter the town of New Fairbank, a quiet town around the turn of the 1900s.

Situated in the remote outback of the old west, New Fairbank was established on the back of it's profitable gold mine.

Until one day the mine caved in, and those outside heard nothing but screams from the trapped miners, screams that were mirrored by the town's inhabitants the following night.

The next morning, the town was deserted and remained so for a full year.

On the one year anniversary, our infamous Sheriff arrived complete with posse in tow, and swore he would reclaim the town in his own name, reopening the mine he ventured deep with his posse, only he would return.

But he did not come back alone, the Sheriff emerged after three days to his caravan of supplies and workers with tales of monsters, demons and undead, but also of rocks, some as big as your fist and blood red.

The Sheriff told how it was these stones, what he called Blood Stones that allowed him to survive, how when he grasped them in his hands, the very power of the elements answered his call, his gunfire met it's targets and the blood of his enemies boiled inside their own bodies.

It was with the promise of more of these stones that the town was once again populated.


Years passed, and stories of these Blood Stones passed from mouth to ear, and soon more and more seekers of fame and fortune arrived in town.

Those who believed in the power of their weaponry joined up with the Sheriff and The Law, often obtaining the best weapons and modifications around.

Those who knew how to, refined the Blood Stones to truly harness their elemental might, banding together they formed The Circle of Elementals, or just The Circle for short.

There were some however who believed the Circle were selfish in trying to control the power of the stones, they refined the magic into hideous necromantic powers, these magi formed The Cult of Bones.

Last but not least, you have those who believed that the stones were granted by a higher power, and through their unadulterated use you were brought closer to that power. These formed The Order of Blood.

All of these groups keep their uneasy alliances together, not out of trust but out of fear, for they all know of the evil that resides below the mines, deep in the forgotten crypts of New Fairbank.

And it is this evil that they must band together to fight, and where you as players must take a stand, so grab your six shooter and prepare to stand side by side with followers of Elements, Blood and Bones, for only together can this evil be slain.

Dare you enter

The Crypts?


And there we have it, as you can see the basic premise is staying the same, characters are remaining but faction groups are changing, as are the magic forces of the world.

Anyway, I'll have more to discuss about this in due course.

I hope you like what you've seen so far, and would welcome comments.

Until then, stay safe and ill see you Cryptside (does that work?)

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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