Friday, 2 August 2013

CRYPTS: Legend of Infernis (Plus general chit chat)

"Anyone who's ever been down the Crypts has a story to tell. Some talk of beasties as black as the shadows around them, while others talk of entire rooms full of stolen wealth and treasure.

None of these stories are as we'll known as that of Infernis.

Some say it is the name of a horrendous demon who spends it's days and nights smelting all manner of frightful weapons. Others say it is the name of the forge itself, a place as hot as hell itself and bathed in living flame.

I can not say what I truly believe, but I do know that countless numbers of posses have lost their lives in search for Infernis.

I do have my own theory however, nothing ground breaking, but it explains why the demons' weapons cut like hot steal and burn like fire...


That is what Infernis is, be it a demon or destination. Anything born at the hands of Infernis is infused with the souls of those who have fallen in the Dark Below.

I knew it as much on that day the Sheriff brought back his blade, the same one he flaunts at every Awakening. That blade is infused with the souls of the men he travelled with.

My only concern is who did the infusing?

- Dr Loxley"

Good Friday everyone! (You know, I love that one... Friday!).

So I bring you this short bit of narrative, nothing substantial, just a bit of fun to kinda explain the epic weapon currently planned for the CRYPTS loot deck: the Infernis Axe.

But I had an idea the other day, and I'd welcome some feedback on the idea...

What if CRYPTS had a monster spawning deck, where every time a new encounter began a card was flipped to see what would spawn?

Again we'd be looking at about 60 cards, and these would contain all manner of combinations of beasties, from a single Skeleton Archer to 1 Greater Demon and 3 Lessers.

This is just something that I'm toying with at the moment, and I know it's been mentioned before.

Perhaps, and this is something I'm thinking could be an idea... What if each card had 3 things listed on it? An easy encounter, a medium encounter and a hard encounter? That way the CK (Crypt Keeper for those who've forgotten) can continue to tailor the game to a lesser extent?

In theory this spawn mechanic removes the need for planning, but if players are low geared or well geared (or perhaps small/large in number) then the CK still has some control.

I hope this sounds like a good idea.

Of course there is the issue of model selection, I want people to play this game with a selection of models from almost any range, I suppose there is no reason why proxies can't be used, and as long as the limit it say, 60 cards in a deck, there is no reason why I can't create 100+ and the CK can remove/use what is needed dependant on model selection.
- plus doing that allows me to later release more beasties and just let the CK choose to use or not the new rules!

On that note, stay safe and I'll see you Cryptside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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