Thursday, 1 August 2013

New Fairbank Radio on temporary Hiatus :(

Good Thursday everyone!

Today I bring you the sad news that after two weeks of radio silence New Fairbank Radio is on temporary hiatus.

Now just to be clear this has nothing at all to do with any if the drama that's been going on. I've left all that behind and am feeling very positive about the future.

No, instead to explain this, let me take you back about 5-ish years.

Me and my MMO guild decided it was time to invest in some voice chat, not to improve our skill or anything, but mainly so we could mock one of our number who to this day, after about 7-8 years of knowing, owning a headset and connecting to chat programs, still refuses to talk, even though we're friends with him in real life.

Yes James, I'm talking about you...

Anyway, I've always had problems with voice chat, and the first gaming headset I had, it had the strangest problem with making me sound like a dalek.

Anyway, after some time I decided it was time to invest in a better headset, and it was a nice one (for the price) but I never used the mic, and after about 5 years of use I finally decided to do so, when it turned out the mic socket inside the headset didn't work.

This was annoying.

So trying to get more involved in the current war gaming crowd I used the mic from my webcam, the terrible quality of this can be heard in my 2 hour interview with Jon on the Malifools. The audio quality is terrible!

So I bought another headset, this one digital.

It was great and despite having a few audio balance issues was able to start recording my own podcast! Yay!

But then disaster struck! Within about 3 months of use that headset broke, and I had thrown away all my proofs of purchase etc!

So back to the drawing board, and I pick up my current headset. The audio quality is perfect! It's fantastic! But then things go downhill, I quickly find that again the mic is not perfect, and it starts crackling, and the audio sounds like I'm talking through a fan.

Great... But still, resetting the drivers, or messing with the sampling quality in the mic settings was fixing it, so I left it as-is.

Yesterday, after trying to test the mic to make sure everything is ok for tonight's recording of Hobby Sofa I find that even after 30 mins of tinkering I am unable to get the quality I need to record.

Well... Damn!

So I put in a request, and am currently awaiting DHL over the next couple of days to collect the headset and a new one be sent out.

The good news is that my wife's headset is available for me to use tonight, so no worries there. The problem is that it means we can't both be on our podcast, and I would rather put NFR on hold than record without her.


So that's that.

Once my borked set is picked up and the replacement has arrived then we'll be able to resume with NFR, but until then, I'm afraid you'll only have the monthly Hobby Sofa to keep you company.

- On that note, a quick reminder, if you would like to join us on the sofa, please let me know. We're recording at 20:00 BST tonight and would love a guest speaker!

Take care and I'll see you Cryptside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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