Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Lessons learned from play testing: Moving Forward

Good Wednesday everyone!

I come to you today from one of my favourite places in my home: a nice warm bath!

So today I would like to wrap up what I've been up to with CRYPTS and the plans moving forward:


Ok, so I don't have any plans, literally none at all.

This is the reason why it's taken me a lot longer to get this post out than I intended, instead of having a 'direction' to head I have a check list, and it's quite short.

1). Amend the loot cards to take into account changes
2). Complete the starting 6 card deck
3). Amend the QuickStart rules keeping in mind what changes I've had to make.
4). Create more Beasties, Bosses and Encounters
5). Publish this as a beta version

From there there is working on the CRYPTS Dungeon Companion, which should work like the MaliQuest one did, only the Monster Manual (which I never got around to properly working on) will feature the rules cards for the beasties.

And of course there is the Aspect system, and the Paths (Law, Bones, Elemental and Blood).


So, I am hoping if you are reading this you are at the very least curious about how the game is going to look, and maybe would be interested in taking part in my own beta testing?

If the answer to that is yes then I would implore you to get in contact with me through the usual channels:

Twitter - @doctorloxley
Email -

I will then short list you and once the first few steps are complete will email the files out for testing.


In the meantime please look forward to the upcoming episode(s) of New Fairbank Radio where the crew and I alpha test the game!

Until then, stay safe and see you Cryptside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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