Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Wyrd GenCon releases

Good Tuesday everyone!

Today I would like to show you some new sculpts/art of products available at GenCon from Wyrd:

First up is Nightmare Edition (NE) Tara retailing at $80 and available only at GenCon.

Next we have Lady Justice's crew for $45 but will be available for general release around September.

Let's keep in mind that the v2 Malifaux book will be $40, and any Faction decks will be $8 each.

I know some people were looking to get Tara, the book and a couple of decks, however now that would look to be between $120 and $150 depending on how many decks.

Personally this is too rich for my wallet, but at the same time others are saying it is perfectly reasonable.

So what do you think?

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley


  1. Nightmare Tara is perhaps a bit on the high side, but considering its a limited run Plastic set (high set up costs) I can understand it. Some have compared the cost to a Mei Feng box plus Rail Golem, which appears similar in size to the Nothing Beast, and the Tara box is only $10 more than MF+RG. At the end of the day, if someone likes the look of the models, the cost is reasonable. Someone who doesn't like the look of them will probably pass, but I'd think more because they don't like the minis than the price.

    Compared to the 10T plastic box sets, I'd have expected Justice's box to come in at $40. I could see Wyrd trying to standardize box prices going forward, especially given Wyrd's history of not increasing prices regularly (like some companies), so that might explain the higher price point.

    As to the rulebook, Eric J tweeted a short while back that the new book is 284pgs, which compared to Malifaux 1.5 rulebook is over 20% more pages. This includes 2 additional factions not included in the 1.5 book with 3 masters each and associated crews (roughly 30-40% more models' stats). Overall, arguably better value than the 1.5 core book. The $35 -> $40 price increase doesn't shock me.

    As to faction decks, as an example I counted the models which should be included in the Resser Wave 1 Arsenal pack and we should be getting more than 30 stat cards plus 24 upgrade cards or over 50 cards total for $8. Compared to the $0.50 Wyrd was charging for single stat cards (online only, and only book 1 & 2 models) this is a very reasonable price point IMO.

    Add them all up, and yeah, it's a pretty steep buy in on a new edition all at once. For me however, I can't help but compare this to money GW asks me to spend on their games; at $90 for the hardcover rulebook and $60 for an army book, and without having spent anything on models yet, that money spent toward M2e would cover me for the rulebook, a box set or two, some Arsenal packs (if I'm an existing player) and/or additional miniatures.

    1. Thanks for the comment, and you are right, compared to something like the GW buy in costs this is very good value for money.

      In my opinion I think everyone needs to make their own mind about pricing, for me Tara is outside my price range, but then I am on an extremely tight budget, other than buying a few models at Salute this April I've been unable to afford anything else since December.

      So please do not take my statement that its too rich for my wallet as it's poor value or anything like that, after all something is only valued at what people are willing to pay, and if people are happy to pay $80 for NE Tara, then that is her (current) value.

      One thing I will be doing however is keeping an eye out at Salute next year. This year they had the NE Hanging Trees, and I'm sure it was £30 for the box, that's $46, so a massive price drop at the cost of roughly 6 months wait.

      If Tara is the same, then I'll probably pick her up then instead.

  2. The 45 dollar box feels a bit steep, but isn't bad. I just paid about 15% more for 6 larger PP metal models (Trolls). If the new models are comparable to the SoS models it's not cheap.
    The Tara of Everblight box is way overpriced due to the nightmare label.
    The book? What I expected.

  3. I like the Tara models but not at $80. However it should be quite easy to build my own crew for her so I'm not terribly bothered. And the prices are about what I expected for the other things. We'll be getting the book and the Neverborn and Outcast decks and then me and the missus are set for gaming until the next releases. Is like to get both a second Viks box (so I can play them too) and a Lilith box but that can wait until it fits the budget better.

  4. Someone from Wyrd (can't recall off hand now of course) mentioned on the forums that part of the reason for the NE Tara cost is that there's in fact 2 full sprues in the box; ie double the usual amount in a standard crew box, so at least the $80 isn't entirely due to it being Limited.

    I think the price drop on the Hanging Tree was because half of the set was an overpriced terrain piece and the other half were awkwardly sized alternates for a not too commonly used resser minion. Just a poorly thought out exclusive all around IMO. I didn't buy one, probably wouldn't even at $45, and if I won a set somehow it's something I would probably keep unopened to give away at a tournament or other event. NE Tara should hold its value much better because she's a full crew and can work within two factions. I don't think she'll be go up in value like NE Lord Chompy, but then there will probably be way more NE Tara boxes out on the market than there are NE LCBs.