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CRYPTS: Designing a path - Bones

Greetings friends!

So far we've had the pleasure of looking over and glimpsing the upcoming Paths for my in design tabletop game CRYPTS: A Weird West Dungeon Crawler.

To date we have covered:

The Path of Blood - A series of abilities focussed on melee and transforming the body of your character into one not quite human.

The Path of Law - Built around providing weapon based abilities this path will outfit your character with the tools needed to be a dirty fighting gunslinger.

The Path of the Elements - A magic based set of abilities that when used correctly will leave your opponent as a pile of burnt ash.

And today I'm here to talk to you about the final Path that is due to feature in the second optional expansion for the game CRYPTS: Crossed Paths. That is of course The Path of Bones!

Now the Path of Bones is one followed by The Cult of Bones, a group who like the Elemental Circle see the raw power of Blood Shards as untapped potential. Where as the Circle try to purify this power often with explosive results, the Cult instead try to bend it to their will often corrupting it and themselves in the process.


Level 1: Grasp of the Grave.
The Crypts below New Fairbank have born witness to many deaths. Over the years countless innocents have been dragged to their deaths alongside those less so innocent.

As an entry walker in the Paths of Bones you know how to spur the remains of these victims into near unlife. They reach from their graves and grasp for anything they can in the hope of somehow rescuing themselves from their earthy resting place.

GotG is a Free Action Immobilise. To cast you must target an enemy model, and all models within a range of 3 are immobilised.

Using this ability gives you 1 Bone Point. After gathering 10 Bone Points you unlock Level 2.

Level 2: Soft Tissue.
You manipulate the air around your enemy, it slides down their throat and corrupts their body forcing an enhanced form of decomposition that opens them up to attacks.

Soft Tissue is a 1GA magic ability that when successfully cast reduces the enemy target's Toughness and Resistance by 1 until the end of the turn.

For every successful cast of Soft Tissue you gain 1 Bone Point. After collecting 20 Bone Points (Level 2+10) you unlock Level 3.

Level 3: Deadened Nerves
You're exposure to the necromantic energies of The Dark Below have begun to corrupt your own body and with little effort you can cause them to manifest in necrotising your own form. You are still injured when hit, but it hurts less.

Deadened Nerves is a Free Action. When cast on a. 3+ it reduces any incoming damage dice rolls by 1. If the attack only has a single dice roll, roll 2 dice and pick the lowest.

For every successful cast add 1 Bone Point to your pool, once your pool reaches 40 Points (Level 3+20) unlock Level 4.

Level 4: Walk the Veil
Your studies of the necromantic arts are nearing completion and with relative ease you are able to see beyond our world and into the world of the dead. The spirits within whisper to you and tell you their secrets, for those only recently dead you can even pull them through the veil into the world of the living so they may continue where they left off.

WtV is a 1GA and can be used in the place of a Combat Rez. Return a dead player to life however for the remainder of the encounter they are weakened and may not use Free Actions.

Every time WtV is used add 1 Bone point to your pool. At 80 points (Level 4+40) unlock Level 5.

Level 5: Soul Storm.
The veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead is like a film of water to you and will you can pull the souls of the long dead through into the world of the living at your will alone allowing their energies to nourish your posse and harm your foes.

For the cost of a Blood Shard and 2GAs you may cast Soul Storm. Soul Storm is a magical AoE with a range of 6 centred on the caster. All allies within this range roll to heal 1/2/4. All enemies with range suffer the same as damage.


And that's it! We have finally come to a stop and tackled all the current paths.

There are a few terms that I have used over the past week that may not make full sense, things like Combat Rez. This will all make sense in time once my exam is out of the way and I'm able to put out the latest version of the rules, but as a glimpse I'm looking to put in a resurrect for within encounters, and one outside encounters. This will allow players who die early on to continue playing but there will be an immediate drawback as a result.

Anyway, stay safe and I'll see you Cryptside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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