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CRYPTS: Meet the cast (an option)

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So yesterday I posted a question on my CRYPTS board:

This question asked what people would be more interested in reading; the adventures of Alpha Posse, the characters who feature as the Pre Generated Example characters, or a brand new posse of characters.

I covered both the positives and negatives of both options and with all this in mind this post is to explore one possible posse comprising of completely new and original characters, how they would fit into the world and what their style would be.


Philippe - The Father Figure
Philippe is the one who formed the posse.

After having his only son stolen from him by a monster from the Crypts it was Philippe who gathered the uncooperative group and gave them a purpose be it aiding Philippe in the search for his son or the currency to make it worth their time.

Philippe carries with him a trusty revolver and is regularly seen loading and reloading it with bullets

Out of the rest of the posse Philippe is the most well liked based on his connections to Frank Hodges and the Last Light Tavern. His favoured posse member is Marisa who he has very quickly taken on as a surrogate daughter despite that there is less than a decade in age separating the two.

Philippe is embodies an Aspect of DPS and is reluctant to follow any Path.


Marisa - The Untapped Potential
Marisa would follow Philippe anywhere. When he formed the posse he didn't even need to say why they were going when she agreed to go.

Marisa is in her late teens and very bookish, but her slight frame disguises a bright and astute mind.

Pulled to New Fairbank by an apparent psychic power Marisa is very quick to learn new abilities and on her arrival was snapped up by The Circle.

Marisa carries with her a large time which she uses to write down any spells she learns either from the artefacts pulled up from the crypts or the voices she speaks with in her dreams.

Marisa shares a sibling style rivalry with Red the mercenary of the group.

Marisa is an aspect of DPS and follows the Path of the Elements.


Red - The Mercenary

Red joined the party when Philippe agreed to give him double shares of all rewards from the expedition.

A burley man with shocking red hair and large side burns Red is always the first into the fray, many times forgoing his weapons and resorting to his fists to get the enemy's attention.

A mercenary through and through, Red believes that everyone needs a resin to venture into the crypts, and understanding Philippe's motives and his own he struggles with the apparent altruistic nature of Marisa who based on her age and gender he believes should be back at camp and not facing down the monsters of the Dark Below.

As a former convict Red regularly has crossed words with Deputy Reese who believes that Red should be behind bars and not joining them on their mission.

Red is an Aspect of the Tank and for reasons unknown to the posse openly follows the Path of Blood.


Deputy Reese - The Law

Many posses contain a member of the Law, acting as the Sheriff's eyes and ears in the crypts, Deputy Reese is one such member.

Believing his work for the Sheriff is more important than any monetary reward, when Philippe asked about the pay split it was Deputy Reese who agreed to forgo his, not knowing at the time it would go instead as second shares to the ex-con Red.

Deputy Reese always carries his issues side arm and rapier with him at all times but he has been known to use larger equipment in times of need in order to dispense his own brand of justice to the monsters of the crypts.

Deputy Reese has a troubles past

Deputy Reese is an Aspect of DPS and follows the Path of Law.


Father McDuggan - The Fallen Priest

Father McDuggan sees it as his personal mission to save the souls of as many of the unfortunates who live in New Fairbank as humanly possible, by any means necessary.

It was because of his drive that the Father began joining posses into the upper most levels of the Dark Below and it was this drive that forced Father McDuggan to volunteer to help Philippe find his son.

It was also this drive that forced the Father to seek out alternative methods of salvation.

With every death the Father saw a soul who had yet to be redeemed pass into the afterlife and there was nothing he could do about it, but with the aid of the Cult of Bones he was able to postpone death for so many unredeamed souls.

Father McDuggan is never seen without two books, one holy and one less so.

Father McDuggan is an Aspect of the Healer and secretly follows the Path of Bones.


And there we have it! One possible posse which in theory ticks a lot of the boxes for exploring the game.

- So tell me, is this a posse you would be interested in reading about?

Until next time, stay safe and I'll see you Cryptside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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